Agile Software Factory

Agile Software Factory

Deliver business value quickly, reliably, and repeatedly with Grid Dynamics Agile Software Factory.

The core of the Continuous Delivery managed solution from Grid Dynamics is its innovative Agile Software Factory technology. Agile Software Factory is the foundation for an efficient, scalable, and reliable development and release process. By modeling processes after a conveyor belt or pipeline, ASF gives structure to your software development process. This allows engineering teams to focus on implementing functionality instead of fighting with operational issues. Current Agile Software Factory service offerings are focused on eRetail websites based on platforms like ATG, Hybris, and custom Java.

With the increasing growth of engineering teams, many companies face new kinds of delivery issues:

  • Development and QA teams are losing valuable time waiting to acquire the proper development environments, which have become a scarce resource.
  • Most engineers and managers don’t know how many environments the team actually has or what is currently deployed there.
  • Releases are constantly delayed due to critical defects appearing at the last moment or lack of clear agreement about what functionality should go to production.

Agile Software Factory helps to address these and many other software production and delivery problems. For example, our customers have seen their ability to introduce improvements increase by a factor of 10. In addition, deployments that have traditionally taken days to complete can be completed in less than an hour with a managed service based on ASF.

Agile Software Factory

Agile Software Factory enables:

  • Agility: The ability to quickly build and release new software using iterative processes to capture new opportunities.
  • Visibility: Accurately assess which features teams are working on with their current status.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined, repeatable processes allow your software teams to achieve more with less.
  • Automation: Eliminate time-consuming manual processes that can introduce human error and delay releases. In addition, automated processes cannot be forgotten or bypassed.
  • Standards: Standardized processes are the foundation for accelerating the software development lifecycle.
  • Consistency: Reliable deployment, free of delays and cancellations, is a prerequisite for consistent delivery.
  • Assured Quality: Automated testing prior to deployment minimizes the risk and potential losses associated with software quality.

Key features of Agile Software Factory include:

  • Processes are built upon well-documented standards like branching strategy, application properties management, database schema, and data management. These ensure correct usage of the ASF tooling and set up an efficient development and release process.
  • With the environments and deployments management portal, your team always has visibility into the status of each of your software projects. You’ll know how many environments you have, what are they being used for, and what version of applications are deployed in each of them. You can also create new environments on demand, destroy environments on schedule, and manage hardware resources utilization with quotas.
  • Deployment automation makes application deployment fast, consistent, and reliable.
  • Continuous Integration server automates continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines consisting of build, deploy and test stages.
  • Flexible and dynamic cloud-based data center resources optimize cost savings by creating environments when they are needed and destroying them when they are not.
  • 24×7 DevOps support ensures development teams are never blocked.

Grid Dynamics provides Agile Software Factory as a managed service. Engagements typically begin with an assessment phase to identify your specific and unique needs, followed by the creation of a detailed implementation plan. During the implementation phase, we customize our template ASF solution comprising pre-configured tools, deployment scripts, and documentation of processes and standards to your business. The support phase increases as the infrastructure is built. Ultimately, we transition to a stable phase balancing support and maintenance with ongoing improvements and further optimization of the continuous delivery process. Our clients observe value from the first months of the implementation process.

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