search and personalization

Drive conversion rates, increase revenue and keep customer loyalty by making sure you have the best search and personalization experience.

Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Use Grid Dynamics Omnichannel Commerce Platform to create and sustain a seamless brand experience.

continuous delivery

Improve business agility and transform ideas into revenue faster, all while providing greater visibility and increasing product quality.



Lessons from online retail: Grocers need to act now


If we have learned anything from department store conversion to online retail, it is that late recognition of the problem and slow adoption of digital strategies by traditional retailers represents a huge risk–not only in terms of missed opportunities but also for business survival.



Grid Dynamics Launches New Omnichannel eGrocery Solution built on SAP hybris platform


The Grid Dynamics Omnichannel Grocery Platform allows grocers to create an integrated, personalized user experience across all channels



Search and Pesonalization

Grid Dynamics Delivers More Precise Results with New Omnichannel Search Solution


Grid Dynamics Sercato improves search conversion, enhances the shopping experience and builds customer loyalty.


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