Our Story

Grid Dynamics was founded in 2006 based on the premise that cloud computing was about to disrupt the enterprise technology landscape the same way the Internet disrupted the client/server era.

As we saw it, software was “eating the world,” and cloud evolution was driven by two factors: (a) rapid increase in the scale of data, events, and transactions processed by applications; and (b) rapid acceleration of cycle times to develop new features, test new ideas, and evolve new services to address the insatiable appetite of all businesses and consumers for more digital services.

This kind of scale and speed could not be addressed by traditional enterprise IT architectures, technology stacks, processes, and tools. Open source technologies were replacing proprietary software vendors like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. Monolithic applications were being redesigned as API-accessible services. DevOps became a way of life. Finally, the cloud provided developers with instant access to vitally-needed infrastructure that was both infinitely scalable and adjustable on demand.

Companies needed a lot of help to understand, embrace, and transition to new architectures. This created an opportunity for Grid Dynamics to become the new IT services company focused on next-generation application architectures & cloud enablement.

Victoria Livschitz, Founder and CTO of Grid Dynamics, delivers keynote address at CloudExpo with Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at Ring Central

Since that time we had the honor and privilege to help companies such as Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, Cisco, Macy’s, Yahoo, ING, Bank of America, Kohl's and others to re-architect their core mission-critical systems, develop new cloud services, accelerate innovation cycle, increase software quality, and automate application management.

History of projects

10 years of
customer-centric innovation

We have been working with Grid Dynamics for five years on many projects. They truly understand how to architect sophisticated systems for scale, performance and availability. Their architects and engineers are superb technologists, always focused on the customer’s needs

Nati Shalom,
CTO, GigaSpaces

Working with Grid Dynamics has been both very productive and a pleasure. Their people are very smart and hard working, going the extra mile to get the results I need. Their immersion in the technologies they use, and the work they do, is total. This is why GD is an essential part of my team.

Paul Strong,
Distinguished Research Scientist, eBay

Agility is a critical element of our success. Grid Dynamics enables us to test and deploy new features continuously, even for complex big data applications.

Kira Makagon,
EVP of Innovation, RingCentral

Grid Dynamics has enabled us to accelerate our internal cloud delivery and the build out of our continuous integration and deployment pipelines. They are a great partner for teams that have product development and architecture needs especially in building highly scalable and elastic environments.

Asim Razzaq,
Director, X.commerce (eBay Inc.)