4Developers is an interdisciplinary technology festival for programmers. The idea of ​​events is to create a space conducive to the activity of specialists - exchange of knowledge and experience of members of the IT community within the substantive thematic paths. However, 4Developers is much more than lectures. It is also a great opportunity to go beyond the lecture zone and meet in a relaxed atmosphere with world-class specialists and enthusiasts of the IT world.
Anton Lem
Anton Lem
Senior Java Developer
Model driven development by JHipster scaffolding
Anton is a Technical Leader at Grid Dynamics, passionate business analyst and developer with more than 20 years of professional expertise. Took part in a large number of enterprise and business automation projects. He went all the way from a developer to a CTO, and then moved from Russia to Poland. Anton is a fan of Spring technologies stack, RDBMS designer and developer, adherent of conceptual business modeling and MDD. He loves coding, traveling, medieval european architecture and culture.
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