Computers can now deal with human language—speech or text. Recent advances in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology have passed the “tipping point” allowing rapid improvement in the core technology and applications. ​NLU allows automated conversations with customers or employees to deliver information or take action. It can improve customer service, marketing, employee efficiency, and more. NLU technology can also analyze unstructured voice, video, or text files to provide deep insights. ​ The Conversational Interaction Conference emphasizes delivering usable insights on The state of the underlying NLU and speech recognition technology available for commercial use Tools and services that help companies use conversational technology Case studies of deployments Best practices for successful use of NLU technology ​ The CI Conference is known for delivering exciting and useful insights, friendly networking, and high-quality talks.
Victoria Livschitz
Founder and EVP of Customer Success
Flower Genie: how to build cool and useful Alexa-enabled e-commerce applications using Dialog Flow.
In this talk, we describe how to build conversational e-commerce applications for the growing market of voice-powered AI devices using Dialog Flow. This talk demonstrates the capabilities of "Flower Genie," a teaching-oriented chatbot that can recommend a bouquet for any occasion, then take an order and deliver the flower arrangement via Alexa. We present the overall architecture of a voice application developed with Dialog Flow, including dialog management and NLU, and then discuss the finer points of testing and publishing a voice application for Alexa.
About speaker

Victoria Livschitz founded Grid Dynamics in 2006 to bring new big ideas - cloud, open-source, DevOps and big data - to large enterprises. Under her leadership, Grid Dynamics became a successful, fast-growing engineering IT services company known for transformative, mission-critical cloud solutions for retail, finance and technology sectors. In 2015, Victoria transitioned to the role of Chief Technology Officer, and in October 2019, Victoria took on her current role as the Executive Vice President of Customer Success to lead the organization through the next phase of growth.

Prior to founding Grid Dynamics, Victoria spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems in a variety of technical leadership positions including Principal Architect of SunGrid, the world's first public cloud; Senior Scientist at Sun Labs; Chief Architect of Financial and Automotive Services; and Chief Architect of General Motors. Victoria started her career as an HPC engineer for Ford Motor Company. Victoria received numerous awards for engineering excellence, including Sun Systems Engineer of the Year and Ford Chairman’s Award, and holds several patents. Victoria graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University and attended graduate programs at Purdue University and Stanford University.