The HolyJS conference is a professional event for JavaScript developers. More than 700 JS developers were brought together to discuss the present and future of JavaScript community with the world's leading experts and watch dozens of frontend talks and much more.
“Data lake processing with Node.js in serverless-architecture”
In his talk, Nikolay presented processing of data lake with cloud AWS Lambda functions on Node.js, from choosing cloud architecture patterns to deep diving into the optimization of lambda functions on Node.js. Discussed how to identify and use the strengths of Node.js to accelerate data processing. During his tech talk attendees were able to see how to increase throughput by scaling up to 7000 instances of lambda functions and services we use (streams, queues, and databases), tuning and optimizing lambda functions on Node.js, and choosing the best possible data communication protocols and explore special aspects of profiling functions, logging, and monitoring in production cloud infrastructure.
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