Grid Dynamics in Ukraine is proud to be a Gold Partner of the Java Fest in Kyiv this spring. It is a professional event for Java developers, where all talks are devoted to Java technical issues and solutions. Java Fest brings together software engineers, developers, team leaders, and other enthusiasts keen to broaden and share their knowledge. Mercure Congress Centre вулиця Вадима Гетьмана, 6, Київ
Anton Lem
Anton Lem
Senior Java Developer
Model-driven development by JHipster scaffolding.
MDD - model driven development is an approach to create enterprise applications, built around a digital model of the system being developed. Inspite of remarkable benefit of this method, the complexity of using MDD very often exceeds its advantages and the developers do not widely use this approach. But all that changed when JHipster appeared in the open Java universe. This is a full-featured open source MDD tool for Java dvelopers that allows you to generate a ready-made web-application in minutes. I am going to show you that JHipster is a simple and at the same time powerful tool, using the example of creating a real web-application. I will talk about my experience of using JHipster in corporate development, I will describe its pros & cons. I’m gonna share tips & tricks on how to achieve maximum results with JHipster and not to shoot your own leg.