The ScalaUA conference is for the community of passionate Scala/FP devs that are interested in improving their craft, share their experience and discuss ways to tackle hard problems in functional programming, distributed systems, real time streams, big data by using Scala, Akka, Akka-Streams, Spark etc. This years conference will feature how we combine declarative and functional programming and the structure of code generators written in Scala.
"Building recommender system with matrix factorization"
Online retailers are always fighting to bring more traffic to their websites, so they have begun to provide more services to make as many sales as possible. With recommendation systems and Big Data techniques, companies will be able to apply users information and behavior so they can provide more efficient targeted services. This talk presents a solution that we in Grid Dynamics were able to deliver to one of our customers. The Scala and Spark application incorporates a collaborative filtering approach and Alternating Least Squares algorithm, a very well-known and widely-used algorithm among many world marketing internet leaders.
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