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Grid Dynamics Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate Cloud Adoption for Legacy Application Migration, Big Data Platforms and ML Models on GCP

Grid Dynamics leverages experience, blueprints and accelerators to build advanced applications on Google Cloud Platform for large enterprises

Grid Dynamics, a leading provider of consulting and engineering services for cloud enablement, big data platforms and data sciences, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud, centered around the acceleration of enterprise adoption of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technologies.

Grid Dynamics has a strong track record of migrating their Fortune 500 clients to Google Cloud Platform. In the last three years, Grid Dynamics has led a variety of major cloud migration programs for clients among the top 25 US retailers related to the modernization of e-commerce; order management and supply chain applications; green-field development of big data and machine learning platforms; and DevOps automation on Google Cloud.

Grid Dynamics already uses their extensive expertise, deep skills and technical blueprints, which leverage GCP APIs, to accelerate the:

  • Re-platforming of legacy, on-premise applications and infrastructure to the cloud
  • Development of microservices and true CI/CD for e-commerce, inventory management and supply chain
  • Implementations of large-scale data platforms with automated pipelines and real-time analytics for customer-360, personalization, dynamic pricing and related use cases
  • Development of machine learning models for predictive analytics, supply chain optimization, computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing and conversational commerce

As part of the partnership, Grid Dynamics will also work to obtain formal certification in application development, cloud migration, infrastructure, data analytics, machine learning and marketing analytics partner specializations.

FTD Companies, Inc., a premier floral and gifting company since 1910 that provides floral, specialty foods, gifts and related products to consumers in the US and UK, is the latest beneficiary of the Grid Dynamics and Google Cloud partnership.

“We wanted to have a state-of-the-art cloud data platform, sophisticated machine learning models and automation tools to transform all of our raw data into actionable insights,” said Vamsi Muddada, Chief Technology Officer at FTD. “Grid Dynamics had the technical blueprints and highly skilled engineers that got us up and running on Google Cloud Platform in under three months.”

“Google Cloud continues to build momentum as a leading cloud platform for large-scale applications of big data, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI,” said Victoria Livschitz, Founder and CTO of Grid Dynamics. “We are very excited to deepen our collaboration with Google Cloud, and offer powerful, business-critical solutions, blueprints and accelerators to keep our customers on the forefront of innovation.”

To learn more about Grid Dynamics, and their technology insights and rapid application development, in the cloud, big data and machine learning, please visit the company’s technical blog.

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of engineering and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations undergoing digital transformation and is a pioneer of cloud computing, big data and machine learning applications to enterprise workloads since 2006.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with over 1,000 technologists located in engineering delivery centers throughout the US, Poland and Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics is known for architecting and delivering some of the largest digital transformation programs in the retail, technology and financial sectors using the power of the cloud, big data and machine learning to help its clients win market share, shorten time to market and reduce costs of digital operations on a massive scale. To learn more about Grid Dynamics, visit, or follow us on Twitter @GridDynamics.

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