In-Stream Processing 
Service Blueprint

What is In-Stream Processing?

In-Stream Processing is a powerful new technology can that scan mind-boggling volumes of data coming from sensors, credit card swipes and web clicks, and find patterns of behavior that lead to actionable insights nearly instantaneously. Companies across all industries are exploring new ways of processing information in real time, and In-Stream Processing is emerging as the leading framework to enable a wide range of real-time applications.

What do organizations want from In-Stream Processing infrastructure?

Customers want the ease of getting started with developer-friendly, inexpensive infrastructure  rapidly scale for massive production workloads as the system acquires more data sources, applications and customers, all in the same platform. We are constantly asked the same two questions:

1) What is the simplest, cheapest and fastest way to get my team up and running?

2) How to design massively-scalable and highly-available production infrastructure?

Open source community had been on the forefront of innovation in the In-Stream Processing space, with dozens of companies and thousands of developers contributing to the ever-growing array of technologies. The use of open source components assures the lowest total cost of ownership, the widest access to the developer market and the least amount of vendor lock-in.

History of In-Stream Processing Projects

Leading cloud providers have been working hard to integrate In-Stream Processing technologies into their offering. The customers want the cloud - for fast developer access to small infrastructure footprint and ease of scaling for production workloads.

As a part of our Blueprint program, Grid Dynamics provides a well-documented, tried-and-true reference architecture and reference implementation for an In-Stream Processing Service that is built with 100% open source components and runs on any cloud platform, absolutely free.

What is in our In-Stream Processing Service Blueprint?

We’ve taken lessons learned, best practices and proven configurations from our experience in implementing large-scale In-Stream Processing systems for many customers and created a single reference architecture for a complete end-to-end blueprint for In-Stream Processing Service. It consists of 100% open source components, runs on any public cloud and scales from developer sandboxes that can be spun-up at a click of a button to always-on production configurations.

The use of our blueprint is completely free. The blueprint’s reference architecture is well-documented in a series of blog posts available at We are also in the process of releasing a reference implementation, soon to be available as open source binding for deployment of the complete blueprint on Amazon AWS with a push of a button.

Read the Blueprint

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