Specialization in data analytics involves multiple successful implementations of Big Data platforms using Google Cloud Platform that involves data ingestion, preparation, storage and analysis, in batch and real-time.

Google Cloud Platform products that are included in this specialization are BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab and Cloud Pub/Sub.

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A specialization in cloud migration comes from a history of repeatably building successful foundational architectures and migrating a significant number of customer workloads from either on-premises or other cloud providers to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform products involved in this specialization include Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, BigQuery, Persistent Disk, Cloud Storage, Cloud Spanner.

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A machine learning specialization is based on demonstrable success with data exploration, preprocessing, model training, model evaluation, model deployment, online prediction and Google’s pre-trained machine learning APIs.

Google Cloud Platform products that are included in this specialization are TensorFlow, Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Cloud Jobs API, Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Translation API, Cloud Video Intelligence API, Cloud Vision API, AutoML, BigQuery, Dataflow, and Dataproc.

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Specialization in cloud infrastructure rests on large-scale enterprise cloud enablement programs that include architecting, building and migrating on-premise infrastructure and workflows to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform products included in this specialization are Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Stackdriver, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Interconnect, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, Network Service Tiers, Cloud NAT, Persistent Disk, Cloud IAM and Cloud Key Management Service.

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to acelerate cloud adoption for legacy Application Migration, Big Data Platforms and ML Models on GCPLearn More
Grid Dynamics and Google co-hosted recent Dynamic talks meetup events focused on emerging technology.

We can make the data work for you

  • Optimize platform performance
  • Cloud migration without service disruption
  • Gather and process data with quality automation and AI/ML
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We automate your journey to microservices

  • Architect interface between infrastructure and application
  • deploy microservice platform from open source accelerator
  • support the platform in all environments and train your team
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We help your data science team to:

  • deploy your open source or cloud ML platform
  • prepare data for scientists
  • optimize and productize scientists' models
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