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Post 4. In-Stream Processing Service Blueprint

Post 3. Overview of In-Stream Processing Solutions On the Market

Post 2. How In-Stream Processing Works

Post 1. What is In-Stream Processing?

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Professional Services

Grid Dynamics is here to help with architecture, design, implementation or operational support of In-Stream Processing platforms.

Our services cover the full lifecycle of In-Stream Processing platforms, including:

  • Business needs analysis and recommendation on the technology stack selection,
  • Blueprint customization based on specific business needs,
  • Recommendations on selection of a cloud provider, including cost estimation for the required infrastructure,
  • Design of a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD) pipeline,
  • Design for multi-datacenter deployment and disaster recovery,
  • Development of dashboards for visualization, monitoring and reporting of In-Stream Processing results,
  • Recommendations for a testing strategy of In-Stream Processing applications (including test data management, workload modeling and test automation),
  • Complete implementation of the In-Stream Processing Service (including implementation of custom business logic, automated QA and deployement to the selected cloud),
  • Integration of the In-Stream Processing Service in customer infrastructure (including upstream, downstream systems as well as monitoring and alerting services); and
  • Architectural supervision in instances of self-implementation on our Blueprint.

Our professional services also extend to production support for the open source components used within the Blueprint, those being Apache Kafka, Apache Spark Streaming, Redis and Apache Cassandra.

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