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Your old system has reached the end-of-life and it is time to replace it with a next-generation platform running on the cloud. You may be looking to deliver a new digital experience, unify omnichannel services, manage inventory in real-time, discover actionable insights, scale infrastructure on-demand or accelerate time-to-market on new software development projects. We will be there with you every step of the way: sharing agile software development practices, architecting scalable and reliable solutions, automating CICD pipelines, jointly delivering bug-free code and celebrating the many successful milestones along the way.

We have completed dozens of major cloud migrations. We understand what is required and have all the skills in house to ensure successful delivery.
Certified professional cloud architects for every major cloud vendor are ready to engage in your project.
Our prescriptive architectural models and repeatable process blueprints accelerate and derisk replatforming efforts.

Your platform must be scalable, fault tolerant and highly performant for your specific workloads, which requires the right combination of open frameworks, custom code and cloud APIs.   

If you try to eat the whole elephant at once, you will choke on the complexity. Successful cloud migrations rely on incremental deployment of new services over time.

Test automation is like brakes on a car: the better they are, the faster you can go. Automate as much of functional testing, deployment pipelines and configuration management as fast as possible. 

You need to know how fast you are going and how much gas is left in the tank. Always define business metrics as KPIs and collect metrics to measure the program's progress against those metrics.

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