In-Stream Processing 
Service Blueprint

Blueprint Goals

To provide engineering teams with pre-made, self-deployable cloud infrastructure in order to develop and test real time in-stream processing applications. At the same time, enabling operations teams to deploy, operate and grow enterprise-grade production infrastructure.  Our design goals for the blueprint are as follows:

  • Pre-integrate event queueing, stream processing, data storage, insight delivery and result visualization into a single platform.
  • Support high throughput (up to 100,000 events/second), low-latency (under 60 seconds from event to insight) stream processing
  • Fault tolerant, highly available, dynamically scalable computational platform
  • Programmable in Spark Streaming API in Java or Scala
  • Support algorithms supported by Spark Streaming, including Spark SQL Streaming and machine learning
  • Store up to 30 days of raw data and isights
  • Support in-stream, batch and on-demand insight delivery
  • Composed of 100% free, open source software supported by an active community
  • Cloud-ready and portable across public and private clouds
  • Developer-friendly
  • Production-ready
  • Proven in mission-critical implementations
  • Interoperable with any big data platform
  • Extendable to support new use cases and unique requirements

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