In the modern marketing environment, customer journeys often include dozens of touch points and interactions. Many of these interactions can be personalized and contextualized in real-time, requiring billions of micro-decisions to be made with regard to message parameters, timing and budgeting. Traditional marketing tools help to automate marketing processes, but most of them have limited or no decision optimization capabilities.

The only way to withstand this overwhelming complexity is to embrace AI technologies that can optimize billions of decisions based on objectives set by a marketer, and let the marketers focus on creative and strategic tasks.

We help our clients boost the efficiency of their marketing operations through customer intelligence platforms. Our solutions can optimize virtually every aspect of marketing operations, and provide customers with unique, personalized experiences:

  • Best product: Personalized product recommendations
  • Best offer: Promotion campaigns targeting
  • Best channel: Cross-channel spend optimization
  • Best communication time: Replenishment notifications
  • Best next action: Marketing campaigns optimization
Our experience

Advanced customer scoring

Grid Dynamics solutions generate a wide range of advanced signals that help to marketers to focus on high level business goals

Our solutions generate a wide range of advanced signals that help marketers focus on high level business goals related to their customers:

  • Propensities to channels and brands
  • Estimated life time value
  • Inclination to try new products, increase consumption, or churn
  • Estimated replenishment cycles

Autonomous decision making

Grid Dynamics build system that are able to understand top level business objectives and optimize marketing actions accordingly

We build systems that understand top-level business objectives, and optimize marketing actions accordingly through:  

  • Contextual personalization and scoring
  • Dynamic targeting and budgeting decisions
  • Campaign arbitration

Testing & optimization

Grid Dynamics solutions use advanced machine learning methods to do efficient experiments and quickly optimize marketing actions based on observed results and trends

Our solutions use advanced machine learning methods for efficient experiments and quick optimization of marketing actions based on observed results and trends:

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Multi-armed bandits
  • Learning to rank
Targeting decisions

Targeting decisions

Use advance signals to make smarter targeting and personalization decisions.
Timing decisions

Timing decisions

Optimize and personalize timing of communication using customer behavioral data.
Budgeting decisions

Budgeting decisions

Maximize campaign outreach and dynamically adjust targeting parameters to optimally spend the budget.
Experience personalization

Experience personalization

Personalize messages, offers and content based on customer interests and real time behavior.
Cross-channel execution

Cross-channel execution

Use customer scores and dynamic decision-making across all channels and marketing automation systems.
Dynamic testing and optimization

Dynamic testing and optimization

Automatically optimize targeting and budgeting settings using feedback data and trends.
Objective-driven optimization

Objective-driven optimization

Automatically select optimal strategies and parameters for customer acquisition, maximization and retention.
ROI maximization

ROI maximization

Use automatic break-even analysis of costs and benefits to maximize ROI.
How a customer intelligence platform works

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