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5 success stories in enterprise software development

Enterprise software development market is rapidly gaining ground. According to Statista, the global IT spending on enterprise software is expected to reach 424 billion USD in 2019. Business owners can now leverage new technologies and coordinate their core processes within a single digital space. Storing data, managing assets and resources, handling orders and customer relations, becomes much easier with modern enterprise solutions. We’ve prepared a list of 5 company stories which showcase that building high-performing enterprise-class products is no longer a challenge. Read on to discover their success stories.

Carerix: Providing state-of-art software for corporate and personnel intermediaries

carerix logo
carerix logo
Carerix is a Netherlands-based market leader in the field of staffing and recruitment software solutions. The company was recently acquired by European workforce management solutions provider PIXID.
Carerix supplies innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Applicant Tracking Systems to more than 700 enterprise and mid-level businesses worldwide. Their smart web-based software features all the necessary functionality for vacancy posting, candidate sourcing, matching, and invoicing. Moreover, the solution can be integrated with various third-party technologies and networks (e.g. LinkedIn), allowing the users to keep all their recruitment and staffing activities in a single space.

Grid Dynamics Digital Team has worked with Carerix since 2012, contributing to its enterprise software development, UX design, and QA activities. During that time, the company’s monthly recurring revenue has more than doubled along with the number of subscribers to the Carerix service. Currently, Carerix software serves more than 650 customers and 10,000 users on a day to day basis.

When the company started, its annual growth was 5% whereas now it reaches 30%. The key to Carerix success is its focus on high quality and in-depth process knowledge, which made companies such as Randstad, Manpower, and Adecco choose their solution to support their core processes.

HVR: Enabling real-time data integration for the enterprise

hvr logo
hvr logo
HVR Software is a U.S.-based company specializing in real-time data integration. HVR is a solution that helps companies move large volumes of data in their complex environments fast and efficiently for real-time information. The solution integrates data between on-premise and cloud systems, often into a data lake or data warehouse.
HVR is uniquely designed for moving data within cloud environments as it has a flexible, distributed architecture that simplifies cloud adoption. It is also the only all-in-one-box data integration solution, meaning it includes everything needed for data integration from beginning to end, which makes it an affordable and scalable tool.

Grid Dynamics Digital Team had a chance to cooperate with HVR on a number of software development activities for their solution. What’s special about the company’s solution is its unique ability to integrate data to and from traditional storage and management systems such as Oracle, SQLServer, etc. into their cloud systems such as AWS, Apache KafkaⓇ, Microsoft Azure.

Enterprises from 30+ countries globally, including leading brands such as Siemens, Lufthansa, General Electric, Telefonica, Volkswagen Financial Services, and Atos have already benefited from using HVR as they strategically adopt new technologies in order to make faster and better decisions with real-time information.

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Broadleaf: Improving the efficiency of multi-channel retailing

broadleaf logo
broadleaf logo
Broadleaf Commerce is an Inc 5000 enterprise eCommerce solution provider with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company’s mission is to provide businesses with all the necessary functionality for online transactions while helping them significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Broadleaf was one of the first companies to develop an open-source, enterprise-ready eCommerce platform for online retailers based on Spring Framework. This flexible and extensible framework is widely used for building enterprise-class Java applications and is easily customizable for various business needs.

Grid Dynamics Digital Team had the opportunity to help Broadleaf reach its business goals by creating a cross-functional development team that covers support and system integration for European clients. Broadleaf B2B and B2C eCommerce platform solutions facilitate multi-channel retailing by handling more than 10,000 concurrent site visitors, processing 200 transactions per second, and managing more than 1,000,000 products in one system.

The company is trusted by Fortune 500 corporations and provides its framework for leading brands such as The Container Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Luxottica, and ICON Fitness. Moreover, Broadleaf was featured among the top 200 eCommerce Software products. This says a lot about the reliability and efficiency of their software and the overall success of the company.

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Qualtrics: Powering customer and employee experiences

qualtrics logo
qualtrics logo
Qualtrics is an experience management company with co-headquarters across the US. The company provides enterprise software for collecting and analyzing data for market research, customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys, product and concept testing, employee evaluation and website feedback.
Qualtrics serves industries such as automotive, travel, hospitality, financial services, government, media, and aviation. Its core product is an Experience Management (XM) platform which helps brands continually assess the quality of their customers, employees, products, and brands. It is the first experience management platform measuring employee experiences via key metrics powered by predictive intelligence. With Qualtrics XM, enterprises can predict which changes will resonate most with all of their stakeholders.

In 2017, the company was ranked #6 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list. Moreover, the quantitative statistical analysis performed with the help of Qualtrics software was cited in a number of professional and academic journals.

Auth0: Securing and managing the authentication process

auth0 logo
auth0 logo
Auth0 is a US-based startup specializing in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) for the enterprise. The company’s key product is a Universal Identity Platform for web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. It authenticates and secures around 42 million logins per day. Auth0 provides 24/7 customer support and makes sure its platform is resilient to failures and the users never experience any downtime.
The company’s applications have built-in rate limiting and automated blocking features to mitigate authentication attacks. Moreover, all passwords are hashed (and salted) securely using bcrypt.

Auth0 has over 2,000 customers in its track record including PBS, HarperCollins, AMD, AeroMexico. Over the past 5 years on the market, the company has managed to receive $54.3 mln in total funding.


The above-mentioned enterprise software development success stories illustrate how scalable solutions driven by innovation can help global brands optimize their processes and save valuable costs.

If you want your product to be a success story and need professional software development help, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll find a perfect fit for your enterprise project.

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    5 success stories in enterprise software development

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