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What Our Teammates Are Saying

“The greatest thing about my job is the number of engaged and like-minded colleagues I get to work with.

Our passion for technology, and our desire to learn and innovate, is at the center of everything we do.”

- Ksenia Bulgakova, DevOps Engineer

“The coolest part of my job at Grid Dynamics is the absence of  roadblocks for innovation.  We work with raw ideas.”

- Anton Ovchinnikov, Data Scientist

“Working at Grid Dynamics has taught me that there are no problems, only opportunities for growth. Focus on your goals, make progress every day, share your achievements and challenges, and remember that even small choices can have a big impact on your career.”

- Victor Samoylov, Director of Technology Operations

“One of the best things at Grid Dynamics is the many different opportunities to advance your career. There are always a variety of projects in various technologies, and the company fully supports your choices and makes sure your projects match your career objectives and interests.”

-Paweł Głogowski, Senior Java Developer

“The best part of my job at Grid Dynamics is being able to communicate with many interesting people from different countries and cultures. Every day I can meet all kinds of  professionals and experts in their fields and learn directly from them. I enjoy this collaboration and teamwork as well as  the open exchange of ideas at the company.”

- Sergey Andrzeevski, Account Delivery Director

“Working at Grid Dynamics has taught me that there are no unresolvable cases. My colleagues and I are always working together to experiment and tackle challenges in order to get the desired delivery results”

- Alex Rodin, Principal Software Engineer

“We have a great team at Grid Dynamics. I enjoy our productive brainstorming meetings where we generate ideas, find solutions, and make decisions. I also enjoy working with our clients, especially when collaboration leads to identifying new opportunities to increase our business and deliver a better user experience.”

- Georgy Podsvyetov, Practice Director, UI Technologies

“Working in such a strong team has helped me improve my own skills much faster than I could have imagined. This is because the average skill level of Grid Dynamics’ engineers is higher than at every other company I have worked at.”

- Alexander Ryzhkov, Global Delivery Manager

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