May 02, 2024
Earnings Call Q1 2024, Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc.

Earnings call Q1 2024 recording

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    Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc. (“Grid Dynamics”) is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market (ticker symbol GDYN) and has its headquarters in San Ramon, California. Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. (“Beijing Teamsun”), a Chinese company, is a minority shareholder, beneficially owning approximately 20.0% of the shares of Grid Dynamics through a subsidiary. The precise ownership percentage of Beijing Teamsun may fluctuate and is updated regularly in Grid Dynamics’ filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (available at investors and at; Grid Dynamics anticipates that Beijing Teamsun’s ownership level will not exceed approximately 20.0%.


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    Jun 21, 2024 4:00 PM EDT