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E-commerce trends for 2024

Explore how AI and composable commerce boost business flexibility and engagement, driving personalized product discovery, virtual try-ons, and GenZ interaction...

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E-commerce trends for 2024

Explore the top 6 technology trends in e-commerce that blur the line between physical and digital experiences using a MACH-based flexible business model, AI-powered personalization, and unified customer data. Download this e-book to uncover how each trend promises tailored shopping journeys for every customer, and discover actionable steps to leverage them for business growth.

Insurance trends for 2024

Navigate the rapidly changing insurance landscape with our in-depth analysis of 2024 trends. Gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition

Manufacturing trends for 2024

How AI, connectivity, automation, security, resilience, and personalization are redefining the potential of manufacturing

Pharma Industry Trends: Big Data, AI and the Future

Discover the top 2024 pharma industry trends that will impact pharmaceutical companies. Read more about what's coming next to stay ahead of key developments

The 5 principles of building a great travel app

Booking online travel is not easy, unless it's on the best apps. But what makes their UX so good? We take a closer look.

1,000 apps later: The principles and pitfalls of building user-winning apps

Lessons in the perils and pitfalls to avoid—and the opportunities to seize—in the course of your app...

Top Ten AI Trends 2024

Explore 10 pioneering AI trends, uncover the power of generative AI, and witness how Grid Dynamics is spearheading innovation.

Driving the future of enterprise AI with Grid Dynamics and Google Cloud

Our offerings combine strong domain expertise, world-class engineering capabilities...

From buzzword to business reality: An industry framework for generative AI readiness

It's time to strategically amplify your impact in the ever-evolving landscape of generative AI...

2023 Trends: Digital Transformation and Innovation

Leading organizations in the coming year will be ‘Fast and Furious,’ as they focus on speed and scale with technology investments...