Grid Dynamics joins forces with Mutual Mobile.

Manufacturing and CPG

We are an innovation partner for 3 of the 10 world’s largest consumer goods companies as well as smaller manufacturers and logistics operators. We help our clients develop advanced supply chain management solutions, B2B and B2C commerce platforms, and intelligent IoT and decision optimization components.

What we do for manufacturers

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Price management solutions

We help manufacturers and CPG companies to manage pricing across B2B and B2C channels. Our price management solutions include advanced analytics, AI-based optimization components, and scalable pricing engines that are capable of evaluating promotions, special offers, and taxes.

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Supply chain solutions

We help our manufacturing and CPG clients to develop intelligent supply chain management tools that use predictive analytics, combinatorial optimization, and simulation algorithms to optimize inventory flows, safety stock levels, and operational costs.

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IoT and predictive maintenance

We work with manufacturing and transportation companies to operationalize their sensor data and system metrics, automatically detect anomalies, and predict failures.

Our manufacturing and CPG clients


B2B platforms

B2B platforms enable manufacturers to provide modern, ecommerce-like experience to their retail and distribution partners. We help industrial and consumer goods manufacturers to build advanced B2B platforms using our vast experience in omni-channel commerce, personalization, and revenue management.


B2C platforms

We help manufacturers of consumer goods integrate with marketplaces like Amazon as well as develop their own B2C platforms that feature state-of-the-art search and personalization capabilities.


Data platforms

Data engineering and data governance are the foundation of Industry 4.0. We help manufacturers develop data lakes, data pipelines, in-stream data processing, and data quality capabilities that enable various IoT, analytics, and automation use cases

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