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Data and ML platforms have become increasingly important for fintech and insurance companies with wider adoption of robotic process automation and data-driven decision-making. We help financial and insurance companies create scalable data processing pipelines, data lakes, model deployment pipelines, and data quality solutions that accelerate the AI transformation.
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Google Cloud Partnership
Grid Dynamics has a long history of migrating Fortune 500 clients to Google Cloud Platform. Now Grid Dynamics teams up with Google Cloud to accelerate cloud adoption for legacy application migration, Big Data platforms and ML models on GCP. We leverage our experience, blueprints and accelerators to build advanced applications on Google Cloud Platform for our clients.
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Grid Dynamics is a certified Microsoft cloud partner. As a systems integrator we support the growth of Microsoft Bing for Commerce solutions based on advanced semantic vector search technology, powered by deep learning.
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Grid Dynamics is a certified Dataiku partner. Grid Dynamics specialized in implementing advanced AI/ML solutions on top of the Dataiku platform, including models driving fraud detection, customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and much more. Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale.
Grid Dynamics helped a number of Fortune-500 companies achieve 10x reduction of time to market by modernizing applications, migrating to cloud and microservices, and onboarding DevOps best practices. We partner with Harness.io to implement Continuous Delivery from code commit to production deployments for traditional and microservices applications across cloud and datacenter environments. The CI/CD platform from Harness.io simplifies the implementation of the Continuous Delivery process and reduces the time and effort to implement best of breed DevOps best practices.
Grid Dynamics is well known for its world-class highly scalable data platform implementations. We partner with Lenses.io for real-time data streaming and in-stream processing. Lenses.io was founded to help enterprises simplify their application development and transform data operations by making data work for teams and not the other way around. By enabling teams to monitor, investigate, secure and deploy on their data platform, with Lenses.io organizations can take data technologies into a single, secure data experience, and in doing so shift their focus to data-driven business outcomes.
Evinced spent the last couple of decades buried deep in enterprise infrastructure software. Recently, the company became aware of the field of accessibility due to Section 508 requirements. After observing their R&D teams struggle with making the company's software accessible, they started thinking about why writing accessible code couldn’t just be a natural part of software development?
Lucidworks solutions continuously interpret interactions and intent across channels, connecting customers and employees with the relevant, real-time results they’ve come to expect wherever (and however) they engage with modern brands.

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