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What we do

Grid Dynamics provides a full range of digital transformation services including consulting, analytics and engineering

Our approach

Digital native culture

Grid Dynamics was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006, and since then, we have been working on the frontlines of the digital revolution. We worked with tech giants to build their first cloud platforms even before the term "cloud" was around. We helped advertisers leverage machine learning before data science and AI became popular, and we assisted the largest national retailers to enter the new era of e-commerce and thrive through it.

Top 10% engineering talent

We are a global company that hires top engineering talent in the US, Central and Eastern Europe. We maintain exceptionally strong positions on the job markets, attracting the best established professionals, run proprietary training and certification programs to continuously improve the qualification of our engineers, and partner with the leading universities to access the academic expertise and recruit top talent.

Blueprints and starter kits

We use the best practices of product management to create and continuously improve our solution blueprints and pre-packaged starter kits that help to reduce development costs, shorten implementation timelines, and mitigate delivery risks.

Co-innovation model

Our co-innovation engagement model is unique in the industry. Throughout the engagement cycle, from the initial analysis to production operations, we ensure that our and client’s capabilities and expertises are combined in the optimal way, and the client has the full transparency into the intellectual property and innovations we develop.

Distributed engineering

We create strong cross-functional teams, use the best collaboration tools, comply with the strictest security standards, and continuously improve remote communication culture to successfully run globally distributed projects and achieve superior productivity.

Domain expertise

We have decades of experience in multiple sectors ranging from retail and manufacturing to finance and high-tech. This expertise, combined with superior engineering capabilities, enables us to create state-of-the-art strategies and solutions tailored to the client’s needs with confidence and in the shortest possible timelines. 

Our clients

High tech

largest US retailers


largest US technology companies


world’s largest consumer goods companies


largest US financial companies

Engagement models

We offer several engagement models, including consulting, agile engineering teams, and dedicated development centers

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<div>Consulting<br />teams</div>


Our principal consultants and architects offer decades of expertise, resources, and guidance to help technology and business leaders define winning strategies, develop detailed roadmaps, and choose right products.

<div>Cross-functional<br />pods</div>


For project-based engagements, we ensure consistent and predictable delivery creating cross-functional teams that include developers, analysts, QA engineers, DevOps, and technical managers.

<div>Dedicated<br />development center</div>

development center

For large programs, we offer an option to deploy dedicated offshore or nearshore development centers with fully customizable processes, delivery capabilities, and security policies.

Contractual models

We support several contractual models, including agile teams, fixed-scope programs, and outcome-based programs 

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<div>Agile<br />teams</div>


We provision agile teams and cross-functional pods on flexible terms to augment client’s delivery capacity. 

<div>Fixed-scope<br />programs</div>


We take full responsibility for delivery in fixed-scope programs with pre-agreed milestones.

<div>KPI-based<br />programs</div>


For complex end-to-end projects we offer an option to factor in business outcomes into the contractual terms. 

Blended service model

We spent years developing architectural blueprints and pre‑packaged starter kits for popular enterprise use cases.

These assets enable a blended service model that allows certain solutions to be delivered only at a fraction of cost and time needed for custom development, but with the level of flexibility that is practically achievable with off-the-shelf products.

Asset value
People value
Accelerator-based projects

For common industry problems, as well as a number of innovative technologies, we offer blueprints and starter kits that sharply reduce the development effort and time to market, but still allows for deep customizations.

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Technology solutions

Our technology expertise spans over all major enterprise domains and functions.

Application development

Improve operational efficiency with smart and lightweight applications

Cloud & DevOps

Strengthen the relationship between development and IT operations

Big data

Effectively store and process all business insights

Data Science & AI

Optimize enterprise operations with mathematical precision

UI & Mobile

Perfecting the interaction between human and machine


Connect users with your products and data


High application quality and fast development are no longer mutually exclusive

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Digital transformation requires new technology partnerships and Agile co-innovation

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Business solutions

We help technology, marketing, analytics, and operations leaders to take their companies and organizations to the next level.

Marketing technology

Transform your marketing operations and improve your products and customer experiences using data-driven process automation and decision optimization.

Digital customer experience

Create advanced omni-channel digital experience platforms using the best open source and proprietary technologies.

Data and analytics

Incorporate advanced analytics, data science, and AI throughout your enterprise using cloud data platforms.

Engineering and IT

Accelerate digital transformation in your company by raising productivity of the digital team with DevOps best practices and flexible cloud infrastructure.

Operational management

Transform your supply chain and manufacturing operations using cloud, IoT,
data, and AI.

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Our mission

We help companies to achieve technological and operational excellence across all functions and organizations  

named us a leader among midsize agile development service providers
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