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7 Top Tourism & Travel Startups in the Netherlands That Will Become Your Travel Buddies

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Here are the top travel startups from the Netherlands that will encourage you to travel more in 2020:

  • Polarsteps
  • Triposo
  • Parkos 
  • Officebooking 
  • Tripaneer 
  • Bookabus 
  • Camptoo 

Polarsteps — Your Amazing Travel Journal

polarsteps best travel startup netherlandsPolarsteps is a Dutch travel startup developing an app that tracks travelers’ journeys both offline and online. The app collects your routes, stories, travel statistics, and all the photos you take while on the road. Just carry your phone in your pocket and get a beautiful travel journal once you’re back home.



When using Polarsteps, travelers don’t have to worry about internet costs and battery consumption — the app uses offline GPS-tracking and eats up only 4% of battery charge per day. Once Wi-Fi connection is available, the app transfers all the information to the traveler’s Polarsteps webpage. There, the trip is displayed as an interactive map showing routes, key locations, distance covered, and photos.

The usage is plain and simple: just download the app, schedule the time you're traveling, and the Polarsteps app will do the rest.

Moreover, Polarsteps offers printed travel books, which include all travel routes, statistics, and photos, turning moments into lifetime memories. Travel and share your journeys in an easy and visually appealing way.

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Triposo — Your At-Hand Travel Friend

triposo best travel startupsTriposo is a travel planner app that helps choose your favorite hotels, sights, activities, and restaurants and add them to your bucket list. Then, you can book your favorites effortlessly using the app. 


The artificial intelligence built into this platform parses huge volumes of data from internet resources like Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Open Streetmaps, and ChefMoz Dining Guide. Then, the app analyzes all the data and presents it to you. As a result, all your bookings and saved places are gathered in one easy-to-navigate place.

Download the guides to your smartphone for access to maps, local tips, bookings, and personalized suggestions — all of these work offline. The travel planner app finds things to do across 50 thousand destinations and 3 million points of interest. The most intriguing part of the recently updated app is that it suggests you where to go so you don't even have to waste time searching for places!

Parkos — Your Safe, Stress-Free and Affordable Parking

parkos best travel startups netherlands founders

Parkos is a travel startup that offers a platform with an overview of all parking providers near airports with detailed information about their services: payment methods, location (indoor/outdoor), type of parking (valet/self-parking), etc.


Negative experiences at non-official airport parking facilities and artificially high prices at official airport parking spaces gave birth to the idea of Parkos. Currently, Parkos serves thousands of customers at airports in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Germany. Compare, book, and park your car stress-free at the best rate at a selected regional or international airport and save big on your parking.

Officebooking — Work Anywhere Easily

Officebooking is the most trusted and popular workplace management platform in Europe. The platform enables interactive and user-friendly booking of conference rooms and company resources.


Give your employees the opportunity to decide where to work today. Integration with the corporate signage solution offers possibilities to provide employees with the best available workspace.

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Tripaneer — Enrich Your Travelling With Unique Experiences

tripaneer best travel startup netherlandsTripaneer is the world’s leading marketplace to discover, plan and safely book unique travel and sports experiences, such as yoga, surfing, safaris, motorcycling, horseback riding, martial arts, etc. 




Tripaneer is fundamentally changing the way people approach the booking process: instead of choosing the destination first, you can book your vacation based on your preferred activities or experiences you'd like to try. From this perspective, Tripaneer offers people a new way of planning and booking holidays. All you need is to select the activity, send an inquiry or reservation to the organizer to confirm availability, and approve your booking through the payment platform.

Bookabus — The Right Bus, the Best Price

bookabus best travel startup netherlandsBookabus is an online platform to search, compare, and book group transport around the world. Bookabus works with a vast network of bus partners to arrange public transportation services for groups of versatile sizes — from a 20 people family trip to festival transport for 10 thousand people.



Bookabus solves three important issues:

  1. Consumers save time and money by comparing and booking online — guided step-by-step by a dedicated travel specialist.
  2. Bus companies experience sustainable business growth through increased margins.
  3. Reducing environmental footprint by less empty driven kilometers and by decreasing the need for personal cars. Bookabus is currently active in five European countries, ensuring safe and comfortable transport for thousands of people every day.

Camptoo — Explore the Beauty of the Country at Your Own Pace

camptoo best travel startup netherlands

Camptoo is a sharing economy platform that connects the owners and renters of campervans, motorhomes, and caravans. It operates in Europe and Australia. Camptoo helps people share the joy and fun of traveling with a motorhome or caravan at their own pace. 



How Camptoo works:

  • You create a free advertisement on Camptoo with a short description and some photos of your caravan, RV, or camper trailer. You also set the nightly rental fee, availability, and vehicle rules.
  • Potential renters browse through the listing on Camptoo and choose the one that best fits their needs. If they have found and liked your caravan, RV, or camper trailer, they will send you a message or a reservation request. You're the one to decide whether to accept or reject the request. 
  • Camptoo will manage the rest and deposit the rental fee into your account on the pick-up day.

On the pick-up day, you meet the travelers in person.

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