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Why is IT staff augmentation the answer to your next project

Staff augmentation eases the difficult and uncertain task of recruiting for an IT project. According to Gartner, an estimated 1 million computer programming jobs will go unfilled by 2020.

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy in which vendors recruit offshore tech talent for businesses in an on-demand fashion. 

Rather than hire people individually, the outsourcing company finds and manages a remote team for you. 

This team saves time and money while helping to advance your specific project or business goals. Meanwhile, you avoid the risk of skill gaps that lead to costly project hangups.

Review this article to learn how IT staff augmentation can ease recruitment, cut costs, and add flexibility to your next IT project.

IT staff augmentation provides focused support

Hiring an IT staff remotely gives you access to a diverse and deep pool of talent on your timeline. Once you’ve defined the scope of your project, you can hire the exact person you need.

By contrast, in-house recruitment in the U.S. is constrained by a shortage of talent.

It’s not uncommon for a project to stall for a lack of a qualified software engineer at a reasonable price. Choosing a less qualified candidate is an option, but that leads to frustrations and hangups later.

Staff augmentation extends your search for candidates into Europe, South America, and Asia. IT talent is more plentiful, less in-demand, and cheaper in these regions.

Outsourcing companies match businesses with skilled IT professionals to meet their specific needs in a timely fashion.

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IT staff augmentation takes less time than traditional recruiting

Outsourcing companies provide candidates whose experience and expertise match your needs in just a matter of days. 

By hiring an outsourcing company, you can save weeks of time that would otherwise be spent recruiting the right team member. It also reduces the risk of hiring an employee that doesn’t fit and must be replaced later at significant cost.

You’ll review and interview the appropriate candidates, then the vendor structures and onboards your chosen team. This way, you spend time building relationships and encouraging effective collaboration, not bringing people up to speed.

As well, discuss your company policy with the vendor to ensure that you and your new employee are on the same page. 

The outsourcing company is the official employer, so define the working terms and areas of responsibility in the contract to avoid any confusion. Be sure to use a non-disclosure agreement to secure your intellectual property. 

Staff augmentation accelerates your project timeline by offloading the lengthy hiring process to a recruiter with access to a pool of qualified candidates.

IT staff augmentation saves money

Staff augmentation offers significant cost savings. In fact, 59% of companies say cost reduction is their motivation for outsourcing their teams.

Source: Deloitte
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Development costs are reduced significantly because you’re hiring from offshore regions where workers charge less.

The fee charged by outsourcing companies is small compared to what you save on the salary, benefits, and taxes of an outsourced employee.

Operational costs also decrease with fewer people in the office. 

You won’t need to rent additional space or relocate to a larger office to fit your new remote team members. This also means that you’ll save on administrative and organizational expenses like workstations and utilities. 

Another benefit of staff augmentation is the flexibility to hire temporary or part-time workers. With on-demand hiring, you can forgo that full-time teammate that you won’t need in a few months. This way, you get to both execute your project and conserve your capital.

A quality staff augmentation company can help you to save money while also utilizing top-notch professionals.

IT team augmentation for your next project

IT team augmentation services give businesses access to top IT talent at a fraction of the cost and hassle of hiring locally. Outsourced workers can be reliably recruited for precise skill sets and for specific periods of time. 

The flexibility and precision of team augmentation make it a valuable option for companies looking to save time, money, and headaches on their next IT project. 

Consider using a dedicated team service for your next project to maximize your success. 

The author of the article is Emily Clark is a Content Developer for Clutch, a business platform dedicated to helping companies research, vet, and choose the best business services and technology solutions providers for their needs.

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