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5 Essential Technology Solutions for Next-Generation eCommerce

Consumers are embracing technology for all facets of shopping experience, from awareness to servicing. To win brand loyalty and market share in the age when consumers instantly know everything, companies must embrace technology as core differentiator and competitive advantage.

Grid Dynamics is a new kind of eCommerce technology solutions company. We have big ideas and millennium of experience building advanced custom technology platforms for large-scale eCommerce operations. We have developed five robust solutions essential for every successful eCommerce platform.

Solr-Based, Scalable and Configurable eCommerce Search Platform: Searching for a product is how every customer begins interacting with an eCommerce store. For large-catalog retailers, a powerful search engine is a core technology. Our solution is the latest word in product search for large-scale eCommerce sites. It is based on open-source technologies Solr/Lucene, enhanced by powerful product-specific search features, designed to integrate with an external catalog, product placement rules, faceted UI, and delivered as a turn-key solution or fully-managed software appliance. Read more

Spotlight Solution

Searching for a product is how every customer begins interacting with eCommerce store. For large-catalog retailers, a powerful search engine is a core technology.

Open eCommerce Search Platform

80% of customers prefer personalized offers over generic ones. Personalization helps drive the conversion and increase revenue up to 90%.

Open and Scalable Personalization Solutions

Design and implementation of the large-scale mission-critical systems has always been the primary focus of Grid Dynamics.

Engineering for Scale, Performance and Stability

Continuous Delivery allows new features to be released continuously, in small increments, with minimal process overhead and fastest time-to-delivery.

Open Continuous Delivery Platform Solutions

Altai Private Cloud for Developers gives developers the infrastructure they need to release software faster, in smaller increments and fewer bugs.

Launch new applications faster with a private cloud

Customer Testimonials

"GridDynamics has enabled us to accelerate our internal cloud delivery and the build out of our continuous integration and deployment pipelines. They are a great partner for teams that have product development and architecture needs especially in building highly scalable and elastic environments."

Asim Razzaq, Director, X.commerce (eBay Inc.)

"It has truly been a pleasure working with Grid Dynamics; professional and energetic executive team and a competent and visionary engineering staff. They went far and beyond being a service provider, invested the time to understand the company vision and articulate technology solution and a sensible execution plan. Truly a partner in business."

Varouzhan Ebrahimian, RivalWatch

“Working with Grid Dynamics has been both very productive and a pleasure. Their people are very smart and hard working, going the extra mile to get the results I need. Their immersion in the technologies they use, and the work they do, is total. This is why GD is an essential part of my team.”

Paul Strong, Distinguished Research Scientist, eBay

"Grid Dynamics has been an essential technology partner for us. My engineering team relies on their expertise in Hadoop and knowledge of realtime analytics to develop next-generation products."

Kira Makagon, Founder and President, RedAril

"We have been working with Grid Dynamics for five years on many projects. They truly understand how to architect sophisticated systems for scale, performance and availability. Their architects and engineers are superb technologists, always focused on the customer's needs"

Nati Shalom, CTO, GigaSpaces

"Grid Dynamics' technology and magic increased our capacity from 5 million streams to 250 million streams per day. Without Grid Dynamics we could not have satisfied that need."

Amnon Sarig, CEO, TuneWiki