quote Leading organizations in the coming year will be ‘Fast and Furious,’ as they focus on speed and scale with technology investments…

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
On the one hand a mantra for 2023, but also an omen for what lies ahead: unquestionable uncertainty that requires resilience, speed and scale to overcome. Just now re-emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, on the cusp of a possible major economic recession, and global events causing major disruptions, times are certainly tough for many companies. How will the tough get going in 2023?

In this eBook, we look at eight of the top technology trends and solutions that organizations across industries can leverage to stand firm as innovation leaders, while laggards stumble, or even fall.

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1. Greater focus on speed and scale in technology investments

With 81% of CEOs expecting a recession in 2023, investment in the right technology and partner network for long-term stability, speed and scale should be a priority over short-term revenue gains.

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2. Increased investments in engineering talent and culture

To close the 2022 talent gap and build a strong engineering culture, global team augmentation and agile pod teams look ever-more promising.

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3. Cloud computing strategies

84% of mid-to-large companies will have adopted a multi-cloud strategy by 2023, but is this the answer to the growing cost and complexity of cloud strategies?

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4. Flexible platforms hold the key to increased flexibility and agility

Flexibility is the new black in 2023. Can PaaS models provide the agility and cost-efficiency that organizations will need to respond to change?

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5. More organizations reap benefits from artificial intelligence investments

Projected to contribute $15.7tr to the global economy by 2030, AI in 2023 is poised to add value to customer engagement and operational efficiency.

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6. The metaverse has a growing appeal

With 400 million active metaverse users, and 30% of businesses expected to interact by 2026, is the metaverse a viable strategy for innovation leaders in 2023?

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7. Organizations continue to face growing cybersecurity threats

Since COVID-19, reported cyber crimes have increased by 300%, positioning cyber risk assessment as one of the year’s defining trends in security.

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8. Using hyper-personalization to better engage with customers and employees

To meet the 80% of customers who spend more for personalized experiences, organizations will need a strategy that includes AI, ML, and advanced analytics.

Stan Klimoff
Stan Klimoff
Chief Strategy Officer

Stan serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Grid Dynamics. In this role, he is responsible for all facets of revenue growth, including sales, strategic partnerships, and M&A. Bringing over…

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Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma
Chief Technology Officer

Rajeev Sharma is the Chief Technology Officer at Grid Dynamics. He has 25+ years of engineering and leadership experience. Mr. Sharma was awarded the Scientist of the Year award for his work..

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