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Why a managed delivery team?

An Agile POD team ensures scalability, team retention and–most importantly–customer satisfaction.

Our POD teams are self-sufficient and cross-functional. It usually starts with 5 people and can include such vital roles as architects, data scientists, developers, and automation engineers. The size of the team can be scaled up when needed; the roles we serve and use reflect the most up-to-date needs of the project’s stakeholders. As the project continues to progress, its scope will inevitably change along with it.

Outsourcing with a product-oriented team is the most effective choice for both standalone and collaborative projects. Tap into Grid Dynamics engineering talent to find out more.



Comfortable offices in the top tech hubs of Central and Eastern Europe and the America’s:

  • Office managers that make sure development team has everything they need
  • System administrators
  • Use of CloudOps, Saas, VPN/VPI and any other necessary security measures


Top tech talent

Self-sufficient and cross-functional Agile delivery teams staffed with top tech talent:

  • Regular sprints with project stakeholders
  • Real-time updates on incremental and continuous deliverables
  • Full use of remote tools like Jira, Slack and Zoom to optimize productivity and maintain an open line of communication

Want to learn more about our POD-model team structure?

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Working with Grid Dynamics has helped us to respond to market needs faster and more efficiently with top quality developers who are as dedicated to success as our own internal people.

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Why should you choose our POD-model over staff augmentation?

Minimal time to hire

Our POD team can be fully operational within 6-12 weeks.

Manager’s control over operations

We have a team that works to fulfill client needs from the get-go. The team is overseen by a manager who guides them through an Agile mindset to achieve action points and reach their predetermined goals.

Headache-free replacement

With the POD-model of team management, changing the composition of a team based on your business needs and scope takes only a matter of days.

Guaranteed delivery

Our POD team sets clear goals which align with the expectations of the client and project stakeholders and are ready to adapt them when required. We also cover PTO (paid time-off) for larger teams and will have enough engineers to hop on the project to cover, at no extra cost for you.

Continuous delivery

We also cover PTO (paid time-off) for larger teams and will have enough engineers to hop on the project to cover, at no extra cost for you. This approach ensures that all business goals are met through deliverables.

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation, and scalable engineering, connecting companies with talented software engineers to grow their business.

On the market since 2006, we provide engineering services for Fortune 500 companies – and now we deploy teams to meet strategic & productions goals for you with setting up nearshore development teams.

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