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Grid Dynamics is a trustworthy partner that can help you open remote development center in CEE and Latin America.
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What should you do to open your own remote development center?

To open your own Remote Development Center, make sure that the location has a considerable tech talent hub to find the right experts for you. Find a devoted partner with experience and solutions who will help you hire result-driven talent. Open an office for your team of professionals, while we will deal with all the administrative issues for you. With Grid Dynamics, you only pay for the engineering team + subsequent cost

we have
  • Remote development office in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America,
    where we help companies maintain a healthy product development lifecycle.
  • Use of our office environment to ensure cost efficiency & productive work.
  • Dedicated delivery managers and HRs.
  • IT infrastructure.
  • Technical events and fun corporate outings.
we offer
Additional benefits
  • Accountants and legal advisers
  • Technical events and fun corporate outings.

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I’ve had a reliable partner in building a product that I needed for my company. I’m a technical person, so I can evaluate the code and confirm that the quality provided by Grid Dynamics developers is really good.

Haneen Dabain
Why choose our remote development center service?

You are not risking anything as we provide you with full legal and technical support.

Cross-functional team

With a remote office, you can get a team that covers all the product development processes — from idea to implementation. Experts with various technology stacks will help your business grow.


Grid Dynamics helps you find as many experts as you need — grow your team as your business needs expand.


You provide us with your candidate preferences, and we will find a proper team through the Grid Dynamics team — top 10% of engineering talent.


You get the right candidates in a team based on your preferences.

Legal Support

Grid Dynamics provides you with all the legal and administrative procedures so that you wouldn’t have to deal with them on your own.

Price/Quality service

Since our main benefit is a price to quality ratio, we have many clients from overseas who value our developers' tech skills and quick results delivery.

Information security

To secure your information, we sign NDAs & have strong policies when it comes to handling sensitive data.

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation, and scalable engineering, connecting companies with talented software engineers to grow their business.

On the market since 2006, we provide engineering services for Fortune 500 companies - and now we deploy teams to meet strategic & productions goals for you with setting up nearshore development teams.