Looking for engineering talent to develop and maintain your mobile apps? Hire iOS developers with Grid Dynamics.

With us, you’ll get access to the largest tech talent pools and hire an app development team of experienced software engineers whose skills are a perfect match for your project. They’ll work with you full-time or on product-oriented delivery (POD) basis, dedicating all time needed to your project.

With Grid Dynamics, you can also hire Swift developers, Objective C developers as well as Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native developers.

We take care of every other issue that comes with setting up a remote development team – office space, hardware, software, support staff, team retention, taxes, and payroll.

5 Main Reasons to Hire iOS Developers with Grid Dynamics:

You want to hire the best iOS developers

We get you the best of those iOS developers that best match your description. With our model, you’ll know your iOS developers have all the right skills because you are the one to check the candidates.

You don’t have a scope to work on IT outsourcing basis

You don’t know a full scope you have & plan to get developers to support you long-term. When you get an iOS app development team with us, you get fast development while keeping your cost/price ratio reasonable.

You don’t want to work with freelancers

The best freelancers are booked months in advance, while the rest aren’t very reliable. With Grid Dynamics, you get iOS developers who work for your business needs.

You want to avoid the hassle related to opening a remote development center

Handling legal issues related to opening an offshore office takes too much time and investment. Grid Dynamics allows you to get a development center for your business without the setup costs you handle by yourself. We’ll provide your iOS developers with all the necessary hardware and software, deal with office management, support staff, retention, payroll, and taxes.

You want to maximize your profit

Through our flexible business model, you’ll get to streamline your IT budget while working with talented remote iOS developers selected by you.

You want to collaborate with a reliable IT outsourcing vendor

Grid Dynamics has 15+ years of experience in the digital transformation of Fortune-1000 US enterprises to create innovative products and experiences. Our distributed teams workflow has been tested in 6+ years period in collaboration with businesses from all over the world. Recognized as a leader among mid-size Agile developers in 2019 by Forrester.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to find a team in short terms. Can you help?

  • Yes! We can deploy a team in weeks

What if I want to scale a team to 15 people?

  • You can start from smaller amount and you can scale as much as you need with us!

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. Grid Dynamics hire top 10% engineering talent globally.

Hire a Mobile App Development Team With Grid Dynamics

First, we get a Lead Manager and set up their communication with the client to make sure the Lead catches on all necessary information about the project: its size, business goals, budget, timeframes, etc. This way Lead Manager will be able to take part in the interviews and instruct future team members. Next goes the recruitment of the rest of the team. We screen candidates accurately to choose professionals whose technical knowledge and personal skills will fit your business objectives and team culture.

We can hire a team of iOS developers only or set up a cross-functional team, — it’s completely up to you and your business needs. We hire iOS developers who not only have experience with Apple Guidelines but also know what are the requirements to Apple Market applications. So if you come to us with a ready-to-go design — our iOS app developers will be able to assess it from the prospect of Apple Market requirements and tell you whether something needs to be corrected or upgraded.

Scrum Mobile App Development Team Roles

To build an iOS application, you’ll need a UI/UX designer, QA engineer, Product Owner, Mobile Software Developer.

If you have only 1 iOS app developer on your team, UI/UX designer and QA engineer can work part-time. UI/UX designer will most probably work at the beginning of the project and the QA engineer in the end. But we advise setting up a continuous environment for testing & deploying your product – in that way you will get your issues done on a scale.

Team members involvement:

  • At the beginning of the project UI/UX designer works full-time. When the workload decreases, the designer can shift to part-time (e.g. 10 hours a week)
  • Mobile software developer starts working full-time and QA engineer starts part-time
  • After the mobile software developer has completed some part of the code, QA engineer shifts to full-time. 

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