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With Grid Dynamics, you focus on getting your business goals done as soon as possible. All of the other questions and action points are on us.

Hire Java Programmers who become your full-time employees. They’re committed to your business, share your values, and feel motivated to deliver quality.

We can find you with Java programmers skilled in the following technologies: Spring (DI, JDBCTemplate, Security, MVC, Boot), MyBatis, Hibernate, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, WildFly, JDBC, Java8 (java.time, Stream API), JAXB, Jackson.

Grid Dynamics Java Development Services

Custom Java Development

Grid Dynamics Java developers will help you develop the server side of your product and use all necessary frameworks to meet your business needs. Grid Dynamics Java developers are dedicated to your product, so they’ll implement all needed changes and foster the growth of your platform.

Scaling of Your Existing Platform

Grid Dynamics Java developers will enable your business to grow revenue via optimizing and scaling your website/application. Grid Dynamics Java developers will raise the quality and security indexes to extend your platform’s capabilities.

Data Integration and Migration

Grid Dynamics Java programmers will develop the back-end part of your software, ensuring it operates on all platforms with a corresponding JVM. With Grid Dynamics Java programmers you can develop a multi-threaded program and improve the responsiveness between internal and external platforms.

Continuous Support of Your Product

Grid Dynamics Java developers will cover each stage of the development process. They will continuously work on reduction of failure risks, development of your product, improvement of the software efficiency and end-user experience.

How It Works

  • You tell us which skills and experience you’re interested in.
  • Our sales team introduces you to our cooperation models so you can hire Java developers that meet your requirements 100%.
  • We have software engineers in one of our comfy offices in different Geography options — Eastern Europe, Central Europe, or Latin America and provide them with fully-equipped workstations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to find a team in short terms. Can you help?

  • Yes! We can deploy a team in weeks

What if I want to scale a team to 15 people?

  • You can start from smaller amount and you can scale as much as you need with us!

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. Grid Dynamics hire top 10% engineering talent globally.

Opportunity to Build a Team

You can build a cohesive remote development team with a talent service option from Grid Dynamics. Remote programmers will work on your product development full-time and will be a part of your local team.

Hiring freelancers via such developer hiring platforms as Upwork and Freelancer, using job boards like Github and Stackoverflow, or matching services similar to Gun.io and TopTal won’t provide you with the opportunity to build a cohesive team, as the developers won’t be dedicated to your product and can have several simultaneous projects. 

Collaboration Security and Reliability

Team augmenting and outsourcing companies take responsibility for providing you with a high quality of software development and security. Vendors grasp all possible opportunities to support their high safety standards with international certifications.

Matching services (Gun.io, TopTal), freelance platforms (Upwork, Freelancer), and job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), and other developer hiring platforms don’t control the software development processes and security of your collaboration with remote programmers. So the reliability and security are low.

Final Decision in Hiring

If you cooperate with freelance platforms (Upwork, Freelancer), use job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), or make use of matching services (Gun.io, TopTal), you’ll be responsible for finding and hiring the right developers.

While collaborating with a team augmentation service, like Grid Dynamics, you’ll also be the one to make the final hiring decision. However, you’ll choose from handpicked developers that fit your specific requirements, which will save you time and allow you to focus on your core business responsibilities. 

Widespread Use Cases

Team augmentation service from Grid Dynamics fit businesses of small, medium, and large sizes. The only predisposition is the desire to build a long-term remote dedicated team.

If you’re a small company with a limited budget for development, cooperation with developer hiring platforms — freelance platforms (Upwork and Freelancer), job boards (Github and Stackoverflow), and matching services (Gun.io and TopTal) are all optimal solutions for you.

Team Setup

If you collaborate with a team augmentation partner like Grid Dynamics, you’ll have a distributed or collocated development team. It will depend on whether you have a development team in-house or your whole development team is remote.

Concerning collaboration with developer hiring platforms like freelance sites (Upwork, Freelancer), matching services (Gun.io, TopTal), and job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), you’ll be able to build a dispersed team working from all around the world.

Level of Developer’s Integration

With a team augmentation service from Grid Dynamics, you’ll have the opportunity to choose, hire, and manage remote developers with the methods you like. Thus, your remote programmers will experience a high level of integration with your local team.  

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