If you work with Scala, you already know that the demand for experts is much higher than the supply. That’s why it isn’t always easy to find Scala developers for hire who fit your needs and expectations.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire Scala developers cheaper and get best productivity from their work? Combine this with a complete set of agile tools and practices to get your issues being made faster, and you’ll get Grid Dynamics.

Find Best Scala Developers for Hire | No Hassle of In-house Recruitment And Management

Hire the Right Talent

We have access to pre-vetted top talent, so we make sure that the Scala developers we propose are the perfect match for your project.

Team of Scala Developers Will Be Up and Running

Just like you, Grid Dynamics is interested in finding engineers for your project in the shortest time possible. We will find scala developers to start cooperation in the shortest time possible.

Save on Software Development

Our internal practices help to onboard and start working with remote scala developers in weeks and lower costs by getting more done from the start.

Team Will Have all the Needed Parts to start

Developers work from our fully equipped offices or remote while our office managers and system administrators make sure they have everything they need to be productive. Our retention specialists keep the remote team satisfied, while our accounting and legal teams handle payroll, taxes, and other administrative and legal issues so that you don’t have to.

Collaborate with a Reliable Tech Partner

Grid Dynamics has 15+ years of experience in a digital transformation of Fortune-1000 US enterprises to create innovative products and experiences. Our distributed teams workflow has been tested in 6+ years period in collaboration with businesses from all over the world. Recognized as a leader among mid-size Agile developers in 2019 by Forrester.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to find a team in short terms. Can you help?

  • Yes! We can deploy a team in weeks

What if I want to scale a team to 15 people?

  • You can start from smaller amount and you can scale as much as you need with us!

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. Grid Dynamics hire top 10% engineering talent globally.

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