Transform IT operations with SRE and AIOps Whether it is a green field product we built for you or an existing system that you have to modernize, we will make sure its efficient and reliable operations. We use a modern digital-native approach to managed services with techniques, such as DevOps, site reliability engineering, and AIOps.

Why Grid Dynamics? Our experience We’ve been building dedicated teams for 15+ years. More than half of our clients have resided in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Germany. These days we’re taking our expertise globally. Transparency and our custom approach We have a simple and transparent cooperation model which allows us to provide our

Like a cloud, but for engineering We have always believed in massively distributed systems—distributed applications, distributed infrastructure, and distributed teams. Since the inception of the company, we have built over 1,000 products for Fortune 500 companies, with the majority of them implemented by distributed teams. Since we rely on top engineering talent and the utilisation

Access to experienced engineers in emerging technologies is hard Grid Dynamics excels at hiring, training, growing, managing, and retaining specialists in emerging technologies and making them available to clients on demand. We do that by building delivery centers in the cities with the highest number of top technical universities and rich traditions of math, science

The trend of offshore software development continues to grow as more businesses look to hire developers abroad to build their products. As technology becomes more globalized, companies are realizing the strategic benefits of IT outsourcing. It allows them to organize their operations in a more cost-efficient way, access specialized talent, increase efficiency and flexibility, and focus on

Saving money is a priority for any business taking the outsourcing route. By leveraging an offshore software development team they can tackle the cost-effectiveness problem, improve their competitive advantage, and increase profit margins for the company. Transparency is key when it comes to financial planning, thus many tech firms are looking for tried-and-true methods to

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