Adopt cloud and microservices with confidence

Combining Grid Dynamics’ custom microservices platform experience with AWS’ cloud migration expertise, we have created a comprehensive Starter Kit leveraging AWS EKS Blueprints for fast, seamless cloud migrations from PCF (now called VMware Tanzu) to AWS Kubernetes. As an enterprise entering the world of cloud and microservices for the first time, you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running in a matter of days, with much more time to focus on your newfound business value.

From months to days with AWS cloud-native components

AWS cloud services, including AWS EKS, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS Lambda, AWS Container Registry, AWS Event Bridge, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS IAM, coupled with Grid Dynamics’ microservices and CI/CD platform, provide a reliable foundation that boosts speed to market, cutting infrastructure provisioning time by at least 60% in a fully integrated cloud-native environment.

pcf to aws Microservices platform: a pre-defined ecosystem blueprint

Microservices platform: a pre-defined ecosystem blueprint

Our microservices platform is a pre-packaged solution that solves the common questions raised when migrating to a modern technology stack in the cloud:

  • How to reach my services?
  • How to deploy new versions?
  • How to customize configuration?
  • How to implement observability?
  • How to secure credentials?
  • How to manage blue/green deployment?

The platform provides capabilities for CI/CD processes, infrastructure automation, security and compliance management, and operational processes such as AIOps.

Microservices platform implementation for AWS powered by EKS Blueprints

Based on Amazon’s EKS Blueprints, which are customized to support easier migration of real workloads and provide additional support for Code Build pipelines provisioning, the PCF Kubernetes Migration Starter Kit includes CI/CD provisioning that requires no code changes on the application side, enables a secure workflow for credentials and secrets for applications, and provides capabilities for future enhancements.

Microservices platform implementation for AWS powered by EKS Blueprints

Business needs covered

  • Cost savings
  • Infrastructure standardization
  • Access to CI/CD automation & IaC
  • Fast migration process
  • Uses current source code
  • Easy change management


Why move to EKS with our Starter Kit?

Our PCF Kubernetes Migration Starter Kit leverages AWS EKS Blueprints to ensure a quicker time to deployment and more seamless operations working on Amazon Web services - a robust and scalable vendor.

How the migration process works

Migration from Pivotal Cloud Foundry to AWS Kubernetes microservices and CI/CD platform starts with an assessment of the application portfolio. This includes the existing continuous delivery process and underlying technology stack. A number of considerations, such as the connectivity between applications, security requirements, technology stack dependencies, and complexity of applications, are made to determine the right sequence of migration.

As applications deployed in Cloud Foundry usually follow modern microservices and 12-factor design best practices, only limited, if any, modifications of application code are needed. After the base microservices and CI/CD platform is deployed in the cloud, applications are configured to use cloud-native dependencies such as DBs, caching, and messaging. Applications are then deployed and tested, data is migrated, and after final testing deployed to production.

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