Semantic layer features

A semantic layer empowers businesses with a user-centric data solution for streamlining data access, centralizing control, and seamlessly integrating with BI tools and reporting dashboards for optimized insights

Single source for data marts, metrics and data assets

A semantic layer is a comprehensive and user-centric data solution that transcends the confines of siloed data sources, lakes, and warehouses. It streamlines access to diverse data streams, establishes centralized access control, defines cohesive data models, and seamlessly integrates with various consumer applications like business intelligence (BI) tools and reporting dashboards. Optimize report generation, accelerate time-to-insights, and make data-driven decisions with unparalleled efficiency and clarity.


Seamlessly integrate custom dashboards

Easily access the data layer of the semantic layer through GraphQL or REST APIs. With broad support for both APIs in reporting applications such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Looker, you can seamlessly integrate custom dashboards, unlocking the full potential of the semantic layer.

Semantic layer data access via GraphQL/REST APIs, seamless integration with Tableau, PowerBI, Looker and custom dashboards
Cloud-agnostic solution with IaC for modern semantic layer development. Rapid Metrics Store provisioning, seamless CI/CD integration, and sample data for agile data analysis

Accelerate semantic layer deployment

Our advanced cloud-agnostic solution simplifies the development and deployment of a modernized semantic layer through infrastructure-as-code (IaC). With IaC, the solution enables rapid provisioning of the Metrics Store and incorporates a robust CI/CD framework, ensuring seamless integration into your existing development workflows. The solution includes sample data to facilitate efficient semantic model creation and data analysis, empowering your business with an agile and scalable data architecture.

How it works

Experience the full spectrum of semantic layer capabilities, including metrics store, data warehouse, datasets, business intelligence dashboards, embedded analytics UI application, and AI-powered search. Leveraging the power of Cube for the metrics store with its analytical API, Amazon Redshift for data storage, ThoughtSpot as the business intelligence platform, and React for embedded analytics, our solution offers a comprehensive and seamless experience. Moreover, our platform deployment is fully automated using CloudFormation for AWS and Terraform for other hyper scalers, ensuring a hassle-free setup on your preferred cloud infrastructure.

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