Anton Ovchinnikov

Anton Ovchinnikov is a professional data scientist, a master of proof-of-concept projects. He joined Grid Dynamics in 2014.

Anton Ovchinnikov

Chatbots in retail: Chatbot technology and architecture advance

Chatbots have the potential to revolutionise the retail industry, according to a blog post by Alexey Aylarov, CEO of chatbot platform provider Voximplant. Chatbots can automate responses to customer service inquiries, provide shopping assistance and product recommendations, and find out what questions customers have before and after they buy, and help address them. Aylarov also provides a comparison of chatbot frameworks, and concludes that a well-designed chatbot should help users understand the bot’s capabilities, thus helping them accept the bot and to use it more effectively to achieve their objectives.

Visualizing insights with an analytics dashboard

A recent blog post by DataRobot discusses how sentiment analysis can be used to analyze the buzz around movies on Twitter. The post explains how sentiment classification can be used to determine whether tweets about a movie are positive or negative, and how this information can be visualized to gain insights into the public sentiment around a movie. The post also discusses how different visualization techniques can be used to compare the sentiment around different movies.

Constructing a data dictionary for Twitter stream sentiment analysis of social movie reviews

This article discusses the importance of selecting or building the right data dictionary for sentiment analysis in social media, specifically for analyzing movie reviews on Twitter. It explores three open source dictionaries and ultimately recommends using a root word dictionary as the primary choice.