Ezra Berger

Ezra is a marketing specialist with profound knowledge in digital transformation, computer vision services, and more. He joined Grid Dynamics in 2015.

Ezra Berger

Delivering digital transformation: Why automation and creating a high-performance engineering culture are vital to digital success

This article discusses the importance of establishing a high-performance engineering culture, automation practices, and cloud resources in order to scale organizations and deliver engaging digital experiences during the process of digital transformation. It provides a case study of a Fortune 500 retailer that successfully implemented these practices with the help of Grid Dynamics.

What computer vision services, platforms & solutions are on the market

When sourcing a computer vision (CV) solution, there are several factors to consider, such as whether to build or buy, the cost and value, and the level of customization required. There are different types of vendors available, including data providers, engineering services, vertical solutions, and platform providers, each offering different capabilities in developing and implementing CV solutions. The choice of vendor will depend on factors such as the availability of in-house resources, the need for data, and the level of customization required.