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Guide on hiring Java developers

World-famous companies hire Java developers for building outstanding apps and websites. Here are some more interesting facts about Java:

Percentages of websites using Java broken down by ranking, according to W3Techs report, 30 June 2020.

Why hire Java developers?

Java has long been one of the most popular programming languages according to the TIOBE Index. Until recently, it was even the most popular programming language in the world for software developers.

In countries like Germany, Java is still at the top, according to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index.  

Famous companies that use Java in their tech stack
Source: StackShare

Major companies like Uber, Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb use Java in their tech stack, making it an important tool in the function of your everyday activities.

Java is a widely-used programming language for:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Cloud-based Applications

According to a recent survey conducted among developers who use Java as one of their main programming languages, Java was mostly used to develop websites (39%) in 2021, as well as utilities-related software (26%), system software (19%), and finance-related software (16%) among others.

How to hire Java developers? A recruiter’s perspective

There are numerous resources that can help you hire the right Java developer for your project-based managed service, short- and long-term freelance project, dedicated developer or remote development team.

Your best solution is to team up with a reliable service provider. Many companies are turning to offshore destinations to staff tech professionals because it saves time and money. 

Working with a remote team allows you to find the most qualified and experienced IT specialists at a better price.

Service providers have an individual approach to each client’s needs and a deep understanding of the market, which can otherwise prove to be a headache for companies.

Grid Dynamics is one of the most experienced and reliable outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe. With offices in the major tech regions – Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Latin America – we provide necessary infrastructure, as well as client, developer, and administrative support.

Screening candidates

A CV is a great source for the initial screening of your candidates, yet information given on a CV can be limited. For example, some of the candidate’s projects may fall under the protection of NDAs, while pet projects, personal experiments, or something that is not directly related to the developer’s job might not be included at all.

Moreover, you shouldn’t reject a candidate only because you think 2 years of experience isn’t enough for your project. Some developers can gain vast hands-on experience in various technologies and domains in just a year, while others can spend 5 years working on a single project with a limited tech stack.

Once you find a handful of interesting-looking Java developers, you need to screen the candidates and figure out which are the best fit for your team. 

Recruiters try to discern a variety of deciding factors during an interview, such as:

  • Soft Skills
  • Motivation
  • English Proficiency
  • Company Culture

Soft Skills

Just as important as technical skills are a developer’s social skills. Are they a good communicator? This usually suggests whether or not they are a team player.


Does your prospective Java developer seem proactive? You want a candidate who is not only a team player but someone who knows how to work hard and get the job done.

English Proficiency

Knowledge of English is extremely important for remote teams of Java developers that communicate with clients worldwide.

As it turns out, 47% of developers in Ukraine speak fluent English. About 12% of software engineers use advanced English on a daily basis.

Company Culture

A developer should have some familiarity with their prospective company and its work culture, in order to integrate fully with the rest of the team.

Thankfully, Grid Dynamics’s Extended Team Model offers a deep level of integration between clients and developers, so it’s easy to preserve your company culture when hiring a remote team of Java developers.

During the interview 

  1. Establish and follow a solid interview process.

To start with, write down a list of the most important questions and topics you want to cover with your candidate. In addition, you can draft possible answers to those questions to get prepared for any follow-ups. 

  1. Foster a productive dialogue

Instead of simply asking questions, prepare to answer some too. If a candidate doesn’t have any questions about the project or your company, chances are that they simply aren’t that interested in working with you.

If you like the candidate, don’t take too long to make an offer. The majority of skilled Ukrainian developers interview for 3–4 jobs simultaneously, so make the call before your competitors do.

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Average Java developer salary in the world

According to Indeed, the average Java Developer salary in the United States is $96,143 per year as of September 2021. However the average Java Developer salary in the United States can range between $81,377-$108,416 per year, depending on a developer’s educational background experience. 

The average salary for Java developers in the US
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Java developer salary in Switzerland is the highest and reaches $95,093 per year. Israel comes second with the average yearly Java developer salary totaling $85,743. Java developer salary in Denmark is $76,077 per year, while in Norway it is $61,910.

In Germany, Java developers earn $49,038 annually, while their counterparts in Canada have an average salary of $55,140 per year. In the Netherlands, Java developers are paid $46,170 annually. 

Average Java developer salary in the world

The average salary for a Java developer can very depending not only on location, but level of experience as well.

According to PayScale:

  • Most entry-level Java developer salaries range between $37,382 and $89,618
  • Most mid-level Java salaries in the world range from $48,642 to $102,304
  • Most senior Java developer salaries range between $125,000 and $119,424

Average pay of Java developers depending on level of seniority

Country Junior Developers Middle Developers Senior Developers
Switzerland $92,143 $106,740 $123,520
Israel n/a $74,559 $99,723
Denmark $61,260 $62,360 $94,320
Norway $60,670 $92,650 n/a
Germany $54,719 $63,970 $68,510
Australia $51,660 $64,910 $72,720
The Netherlands $49,300 $60,040 $70,810
Sweden $38,362 $47,752 $58,842
Canada $50,980 $59,810 $62,370
The UK $47,370 $59,680 $67,340
France $43,400 $53,470 $63,770
Belgium $38,270 $53,490 $60,290

How much does it cost to hire Java developers?

Hiring a Java software developer in the USA will cost you $96,223 per year including taxes. If you hire software engineers in the UK, you’ll have to pay around $60,436, taxes included. In Germany, the costs of hiring a software developer reach $79,893 including taxes, and the Netherlands are coming right up with $79,248.

Hiring remote Java developers with Grid Dynamics, by contract, you won’t have to worry about getting to know the employment tax system in a country since we take care of all the administrative issues. 

Hire Java Developers

Number of Java developers in the world

As of 2019, there were 7.6 million Java developers in the world. According to a fresher report made by Grid Dynamics in 2020, the number of Java developers is the following:

  • The number of Java developers in the USA is 63,000
  • The number of Java developers in the UK is 14,000
  • The number of Java developers in Ukraine is 8,000
  • The number of Java developers in Germany is 6,000
  • The number of Java developers in the Netherlands is 6,000

*The numbers provided above may be incomplete and only represent a general tech talent distribution across the world.  

The Number of Java Developers

Java is the 3rd most searched programming language, according to Hackerrank Research 2020, and the 2nd most popular programming language in the world.

According to the 2020 Java Developer Productivity Report, the majority of Java developers have 2–5 years of experience.


Java popularity by country

According to Google Trends, Ukraine has the highest index of interest in Java development — 88. The Netherlands comes next with a score of 77. Germany, Belgium, and the USA follow with 73,72, and 71 points.

Top countries to hire Java developers

Country Java Development Interest Score
Ukraine 88
The Netherlands 77
Germany 73
Belgium 72
The USA 71
India 69
Switzerland 68
Australia 67
Canada 63
Top countries to hire java developers

Why hire Java developers in Ukraine

With a pool of 250,000 software developers, Ukraine is considered to be one of the leading global outsourcing destinations

  • The salary of a middle Java developer in Ukraine lies within $1,900–$2,900, which will cost you $28,800 per year‬. The salaries for Java developers in the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands are significantly higher and range from $74,190 to $52,710.
  • There are 8,000 Java developers in Ukraine — more than in the Netherlands and Germany. 
  • 34% of Ukrainian developers have an intermediate level of English, 34% speak upper-intermediate English, 13% are advanced English speakers.
  • 52% of programmers in Ukraine work 40–60 hours per week.
  • World-famous companies such as Vive, Carerix, IGM, Pricena, Euretos have already recognized the benefits of hiring Java developers, especially their hard-working and diligent approach to work. 
  • The local Java talent pool is growing steadily, as developers rush to join one of the most dynamic and highest-paying industries in the country. 29% of Ukrainian developers have 3–5 years of experience, 25% — 1–2 years, and 17% of Ukrainian developers have 6 to 10 years of experience.

Find the best Java developer with Grid Dynamics

When working with Grid Dynamics, you can hire the best remote Java developers. You’ll take an active part in every stage of the selection process and interview the candidates in person.

Other benefits of our model are:

  • Fast recruitment process. With Grid Dynamics, you get a dedicated Java development team ready to work for your critical issues. 
  • A large pool of pre-qualified candidates. We have access to hundreds of experienced developers with various tech skills. 
  • Work with your developers. No need for third-party project managers. The dedicated team model results in higher levels of productivity and engagement. 
  • We take care of all the operational aspects of the cooperation with your developers. This includes fully equipped workplaces, taxes, sick leaves, developer retention, and team-building events.
  • Constant support from a personal HR/Client Manager. Should any communication issues arise, they’ll be resolved in no time. 
  • Predictable costs. You’ll always know exactly how much you’ll pay at the end of each month.







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