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Case Study: Ukrainian Developers For a Dutch Investment App

Why Work With Ukrainian Developers

The candidates are highly experienced and educated, all with a university degree in tech, mathematics, chemistry, or engineering specialties. 

One of the surprises I had working with my Ukrainian team is that getting the developers engaged was actually very simple. The engagement is already here. I don’t know if it is because they are Ukrainians or hired by Grid Dynamics – from the very beginning they were not just interested in the technology and development of nerdy stuff, but they were also interested in our product. 

I remember our one-to-one meetings with a developer, whom I asked to share why he likes working with us. What he said was: “I would like to use the product I develop.” With a smile,  I said that we will launch the product in Ukraine very soon, he is very welcome to become a user. 

We have the same goals, which creates a special team feeling and I think our Ukrainian developers are a really important part of that.

What was the most impressive part of working with Ukrainian developers:

  • High level of education.
  • Top-notch technical skills. Of course, we have junior developers, who still have a lot to learn. But the senior developers Grid Dynamics offered us were really good.
  • Good English skills. 
  • Ukrainian developers are not just doing tasks, they are interested in the product, want to cooperate, and bring their own ideas. They show all these types of initiatives.
  • The personal qualities of developers deeply surprised me. I remember assigning a task to one of them. Later on, I realized that I had forgotten to mention some important details. So I thought that he would not be able to cope with the task in the way I had initially planned. The next day, I took a look at the solution and was surprised that he filled in the gaps exactly how I would have done it. That was remarkable.


Initially, we started our search with Grid Dynamics competitors. But they never provided any candidates. Eventually, we stopped our cooperation when a former colleague, who was working with Grid Dynamics at that time, advised us to get in touch. The first time I talked, they had had a party the night before and you could still see the decorations on the walls. 

At that moment I realized that Grid Dynamics cares about its people. This was exactly what we were looking for. 

Additionally, we had some referenced clients that we could talk to. This is how our cooperation started.

Why Choose Ukraine

We had a list of  requirements, which were all met by choosing Ukraine:  

  • Cultural similarity;
  • Costs;
  • Education. Technical education in Ukraine is of the highest level;
  • Availability of the developers;
  • Technology stack.

Why Grid Dynamics

What we were looking for was a high level of professionalism. We realized that if we outsource software development, it means we outsource HR too. Parties, team events, educational and other kinds of training, all the things that a normal HR department does in a company is done for us by Grid Dynamics. Moreover, Grid Dynamics provides excellent English courses, which is still very important.

They work fast, so after a week of talking and exchanging on what we were looking for, we already had a few CVs in my mailbox. And they were very good. 

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