quote When you bid farewell to your inflexible monolithic suite and decide to move to a composable commerce ecosystem, prioritizing revenue generation is key. The secret weapon? The Contentstack, Constructor, and Grid Dynamics trifecta, enabling personalized customer experiences through expertly integrated content and search.

Unlock the secret to customer acquisition and revenue growth in 2024 through an expertly integrated content and search strategy. By leveraging content, search, and AI, this strategic trifecta transforms your digital commerce approach. Contentstack’s headless CMS enables engaging content, Constructor’s AI-powered search ensures customers find what they want, and Grid Dynamics’ composable commerce expertise ties it all together seamlessly.

The outcome? Immersive, content-driven shopping journeys that drive measurable impact on engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Enrich the product awareness journey

Align your content and search strategies to guide customers from problem-aware to solution-aware to product-aware, ensuring they find the right products that meet their needs.

Make up products to illustrate the product awareness journey

Match solution-aware customers with the right products

Leverage AI-powered search and personalization to provide hyper-relevant product recommendations that convert casual browsers into loyal customers.

A yellow and blue shopping cart

Integrate search with rich, omnichannel content experiences

Combine the power of Contentstack’s headless CMS and Constructor’s advanced search to craft engaging, visually stunning shopping experiences that captivate customers.

A magnifying glass to illustrate omnichannel content experiences

Key takeaways

Bags to illustrate the product discovery

Harness the power of generative AI and transformers to revolutionize your product discovery

A magnifying glass and shapes to illustrate the potential of searchandising

Unlock the potential of searchandising to drive conversions and sales

A yellow shopping bag and abstract background to illustrate silos

Break down content and product search silos with unified search for a seamless customer journey

A laptop and a shopping bag to illustrate a composable commerce approach

Leverage a composable commerce approach to evolve your digital ecosystem with confidence

3 bags to illustrate the partnership of Grid Dynamics, Contentstack and Constractor

Partner with Grid Dynamics, Contentstack, and Constructor to leapfrog customer engagement

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