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The stakes have never been higher for digital commerce brands to meet consumer demand for personalized experiences across multiple channels. The caveat? There is no single platform that is able to provide best-in-class capabilities across all aspects of customer experience. The solution? Composable commerce. The platform? commercetools. The implementation partner? Grid Dynamics. In order to get maximum ROI, faster speed to market and optimal value out of your commercetools solution, you need a trusted partner with deep composable commerce expertise, optimized integration methodologies and commercetools-specific experience.

Digital commerce enterprises now have the ability to create downright delightful customer experiences with best-in-class technology, faster than ever before.

Next generation digital commerce for tailored customer experiences

Digital commerce solutions for the world’s largest retailers


Digital commerce solutions for the world’s largest retailers

In the last 10 years, we have designed and implemented numerous digital commerce solutions for leading retailers and brands. Our customers enjoy double-digit improvements in click-through-rates and order conversion rates.


Grow at scale with Grid Dynamics and commercetools

With our composable commerce starter kit for commercetools, we help you build a digital commerce solution, following the composable commerce MACH approach, with best-in-class technology, to maximize ROI, grow at scale, change at will, and compose unforgettable shopping experiences as fast as you need for any channel.

Grow at scale with Grid Dynamics and commercetools
Build a future-proof foundation for your business


Build a future-proof foundation for your business

Businesses that adopt a composable commerce approach and MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture are optimized for business flexibility. They are empowered to react rapidly to changes in the business environment, meet consumer demand in the blink of an eye, and run circles around the competition.


Integrate first-class business capabilities

You decide how to grow your business, we help you choose the best tools and technology to get the job done. With commercetools as the platform, we extend the magic by integrating best-in-class digital commerce solutions, implemented as “packaged business capabilities” or PBCs. Based on your specific business priorities, we integrate the best-suited 3rd party vendor solutions or implement in-house solutions as groups of microservices.

Integrate first-class business capabilities
Accelerate implementation of commercetools with Grid Dynamics

Based on our experience from large-scale digital commerce implementations for Fortune-500 enterprises, following the MACH approach, we can boost speed-to-market with commercetools by 10X.

commercetools solution features

Outpace your competitors with headless commerce


Outpace your competitors with headless commerce

With the commercetools headless commerce approach, you can modify any element of the shopping experience separately, so you’re always ahead of what the consumer wants. Design the ideal customer experience by selecting the best vendors for your business.


Boost speed-to-market

With commercetools you can run A/B tests or launch voice and AI experiments in days, optimize the customer journey in an hour, release a new promotion in a day or add a new channel in a week. What’s more, your TCO running costs will decrease significantly right from the start.

Boost speed-to-market
Control where it matters most


Control where it matters most

The commercetools Merchant Center helps you quickly manage your most critical data and processes while keeping up with changing market conditions. The advanced PIM is already built in natively, so no installation or integration is required.

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