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Security for the digital age

With transformative technology taking center stage in the current digital economy, never before has it been more important to secure the entire value chain of your business against vulnerabilities. If you aren’t protecting your business assets with next-generation security tools and techniques, you’re leaving the door wide open for devastating cybersecurity attacks and costly data, development and process inefficiencies.

We take a holistic approach to security with a cybersecurity framework that embeds best-in-class tools to ensure that enterprises can identify, protect, detect and defend against, and respond and recover from, a wide range of security threats in enterprise environments.


Enterprise security features



Eradicate development and deployment vulnerabilities

Ensuring that your code, containers and cloud platforms are scanned and secured during product development and testing phases, we integrate the latest vulnerability scanning and testing tools into the CICD toolchain to minimize the attack surface area and ensure that all deployments are subjected to automated testing and policy compliance before they reach the public


Secure platforms by design

No matter your platform, whether a core cloud landing zone, a microservices orchestration, data and analytics or machine learning platform, we embed security into the platform design with zero-trust principals in mind such as least privileged authorization, access and identity management, encryption in motion and at rest, and micro-segmentation. 



Detect security incidents intelligently

A critical component of enterprise security is being able to detect and respond to security issues before they lead to a breach. Through SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and augmented Machine Learning intelligence, a security outlier detection solution collects vast amounts of data – from business-wide metrics to activity logs – and performs near real-time analytics to identify anomalous patterns and outliers that aren’t detectable through traditional correlations or manual observations.

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Automate security response

Automation is the cornerstone of next-gen security. With SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response), a wide range of signals and data sources, including IoT sensor data, infrared and X-ray imagery, and video streams are continuously analyzed to automatically detect and respond to anomalies that would otherwise cause equipment failures or business disruptions.



Perform root cause analysis in seconds

Identifying the exact location of incidents is key to efficiently resolving them. With emphasis on the operational aspect of anomaly detection, including speed and accuracy of incident investigation, our tools analyze the dependencies between metrics and automatically identify exactly where the issues are in the full volume of data. This helps operations teams to quickly perform root cause analysis and troubleshoot the issue.


Data quality means business quality

The quality of your data has a direct impact on the quality of insights retrieved, and in turn, the related business decisions you make. To efficiently validate critical business data, you need to integrate models and algorithms into data processing pipelines and data lakes to continuously monitor data quality and automatically stop damaged or suspicious data from propagating into downstream data processing jobs and analytical reports. We use algorithms that are specifically designed for data quality applications and are capable of processing extremely large data volumes and integrating with big data platforms and public cloud services such as Spark, AWS EMR, and Google Dataproc.



Prevent security breaches

Fraud detection, intrusion detection, and loss prevention are make or break factors for financial services, retail, and media and technology companies. Combining supervised and unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms, as well as short-term and long-term fraud detection models, ensures that fraud and intrusion attempts don’t become major security breaches.

Security success stories

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PII protection for iconic apparel brand

An international apparel brand required a PII (personally identifiable information) protection compliance program for its e-commerce platform. With Grid Dynamics’ help, the brand updated their existing extensive application infrastructure with the security controls required by a local PII regulation, which enabled expansion of their global e-commerce application platform to the local market.

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Secure logistics for parcel shipping company

A global shipping company required a modern logistics hub with robust security components for differentiated competitive advantage. Grid Dynamics designed and deployed an end-to-end, multi-tenant, multi-region infrastructure with separate data classification requirements (compliance, trusted, sensitive), secured with cloud-native resources from Google (cloud armor, Identity aware Proxy, Private GKE Clusters & VPC Service Controls) and next generation cloud-agnostic firewalls for ultimate protection.

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Data and Application Security for Online Marketing SaaS

An online cloud-based predictive marketing firm was collecting PII data subject to HIPAA compliance, and needed to prevent data leakage from security vulnerabilities. Grid Dynamics performed a gap analysis of the application’s security posture in the context of the shared responsibility model of the cloud and implemented security controls and testing tools in accordance with standards aligned to OWASP and the Well-Architected frameworks. The client was able to meet their contractual obligations to customers and data providers as well as adhere to various privacy laws and regulations.

Our latest innovations in enterprise technology solutions

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