system health monitoring

System health monitoring

The starter kit provides a reference implementation for system health monitoring use cases. The solution is designed to reliably evaluate system health and detect anomalies in a large number of IoT metrics received from multiple sensors and machines.

Multiple system types

The starter kit includes a design guide that helps determine the right model type based on the properties of the monitored system and availability of the labeled data.

multiple model types
system health

Power of Vertex AI AutoML

The starter kit leverages native Vertex AI AutoML components to evaluate system health. AutoML sharply reduces the feature and model engineering efforts, enabling developers to focus on more business-oriented problems.

Open source

We use only native Google Cloud services and open source libraries, so the starter kit can be easily extended and customized.

native Google Cloud services

Use cases

The starter kit provides out of the box system health monitoring and anomaly detection pipelines. These reference pipelines can be used as a starting point for implementing a broader range of use cases related to Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing.
  • defect detectionDefect detection
  • anomaly classificationAnomaly classification
  • remaining useful life estimationRemaining useful life estimation
  • predictive maintenancePredictive maintenance


System health monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities are important in many industries. The starter kit includes several templates that cover some of the most relevant ones.

Why develop an IoT analytics solution in Google Cloud?

Build a complete platform for smart manufacturing

Google Cloud provides a powerful platform for creating smart manufacturing solutions that includes data processing, model development, and service deployment capabilities.

Reduce implementation and maintenance costs

Google Cloud provides native capabilities for IoT data collection, deployment on edge servers, and two-communication with devices. These services help sharply reduce development and maintenance costs.

Achieve competitive advantage with AI/ML

The implementation of smart manufacturing and IoT analytics capabilities requires a powerful ML platform that supports data preparation, model development, model serving, and many other functions. Google Cloud is at the forefront of cloud computing services.

How it works

The starter kit includes health scoring models and detection algorithms that make binary decisions and generate alerts.
health scoring models and detection algorithms

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