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Migrate to Lucidworks for best-in-class product discovery

Customers have more shopping choices than ever before, and if you aren’t delivering powerful ecommerce search and personalized site experiences, you’re effectively opening the door for your competitors to capitalize. Customer experience is a major priority for retailers in today's digital, on-demand, omnichannel era.

To keep your customers browsing, buying and engaging with your brand, you need an intelligent product discovery and search solution that not only responds to their demands, but predicts their intent based on their personal product preferences and shopping behavior history. 

As a premier Lucidworks partner, we offer all the necessary analysis, customization, performance and relevance-tuning to ensure you see maximum ROI from Lucidworks’ applications.

Grid Dynamics are the Navy Seals of search. They possess rare skills and have honed them with difficult, high performance, or profoundly nuanced projects … and yet, somehow, have figured out how to scale this esoteric knowledge across their large team. We trust them totally.

Peter Curran - General Manager, Digital Commerce, Lucidworks at Grid Dynamics
Peter Curran General Manager, Digital Commerce, Lucidworks

Personalized shopping experiences that customers love

Digital commerce solutions for the world’s largest retailers
World-class product discovery expertise

Digital commerce solutions for the world’s largest retailers

In the last 10 years, we have designed and implemented numerous product search, catalog navigation and recommendations solutions for leading retailers and brands. Our customers enjoy double-digit improvements in click-through-rates and order conversion rates.

The semantic query parsing blueprint for Lucidworks Fusion

Add real meaning for more relevant search results

Our Semantic Query Parsing Blueprint for the Lucidworks Fusion platform works to enrich search queries with conceptual meaning to return more relevant results to customers. Say goodbye to yesterday’s keyword-based search engines and discover the value of concept-oriented search. The future is here.

Add real meaning for more relevant search results
Personalize product discovery and slash zero results
Semantic vector search for Lucidworks Fusion

Personalize product discovery and slash zero results

Semantic vector search analyzes customer behavior signals like searches, views, clicks, in-store purchases and online activity to interpret buyer intent and offer hyper-personalized shopping experiences.

We leverage our innovative natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning semantic similarity models to ensure that your customers receive personalized, relevant search results, even for long-tail queries such as out-of-vocabulary natural language queries, thematic and subjective queries.

Business-friendly UI for Lucidworks Fusion

Analyze results for search optimization

We help build feature-rich search applications to visualize results by integrating our Semantic Search API with Fusion. Analyze search features such as faceting, filtering, sorting, type-ahead, highlights, and more.

Analyze results for search optimization
Boost speed-to-market by 10X
Accelerator and value-added tools

Boost speed-to-market by 10X

Our Lucidworks Fusion project accelerator helps you get started quickly with data ingestion and change-streaming pipelines, integration with clickstream data, data quality framework, results in comparison tools, and much more.

Enterprise scalability

Grow at scale with Grid Dynamics and Lucidworks

We help you build ecommerce search solutions that maximize ROI and scale with your business, in a cloud-native infrastructure that supports peak traffic seasons.

Grow at scale with Grid Dynamics and Lucidworks

Lucidworks solution features

Contextual answers to natural language questions
Automated QA system

Contextual answers to natural language questions

Lucidworks Smart Answers solution trains Q&A bots to understand user intent and provide customers with substantive answers.

eCommerce Recommendations

Enrich the shopping experience with relevant recommendations

Deliver relevant recommendations by leveraging shopper behavior data, concept index data and intent analysis.

We help you gain more insights to build the products customers want and drive engagement and conversion with powerful, personalized recommendations.

Enrich the shopping experience with relevant recommendations
Smart autocomplete Lucidworks
Smart autocomplete

Add intelligence to your search box

Your customer’s product discovery journey starts with the search box. Make the search box experience feel like magic by implementing smart autocomplete and instant search. We generate a comprehensive list of autocomplete suggestions, taking into account your catalog data and customer search history.

This allows you to expose the breadth and width of your catalog along with highly relevant suggested queries which are tolerant of typos, and learn from your customer’s queries.

Multi-stage search pipeline

Control precision and recall in search results

Our concept-oriented query parser supports a flexible configuration which allows you to select which attributes will be searched, which normalizations can be applied to achieve the match, and what types of matches are allowed. The search flow starts with the strictest match conditions and gradually relaxes them in subsequent index sweeps until the best quality results are surfaced.

Control precision and recall in search results with Multi-stage search pipeline Lucidworks

Our latest innovations in digital commerce search

Key to understanding your search queries: Semantic query parsing with Lucidworks Fusion
Semantic query parsing, described in “Semantic query parsing blueprint”, is a powerful technique to improve relevance of the search results.
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Boosting product discovery with semantic search
Semantic search departs from traditional ways of matching and counting words and focuses on matching concepts. Its advanced techniques allow it to improve precision compared to full text search without worsening its recall.
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Semantic query parsing blueprint
Read more about a practical blueprint of building a concept-oriented query parser based on open source search engines.
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