Rohit Tripathi

Rohit has 25 years of product management & leadership experience in supply chain, B2B & CPaaS software. Before joining Grid Dynamics, he held leadership roles at Honeywell, SAP, The Boston Consulting Group & i2 Technologies (now Blue Yonder).

Rohit Tripathi

Fulfilling German supply chain due diligence act obligations

Recent sustainability legislations and regulations make due diligence a business imperative for effective supply chain management. Increasingly, regulations and local government bodies are regulating how enterprises must approach, operate, and report on their supply chain operations, both directly and within their extended value chain. While our earlier blog post on ESG initiatives discussed sustainability of

How generative AI elevates customer engagement in B2C manufacturing and retail

Most industry leaders, specifically manufacturers and retailers recognize the immense strategic value of optimized marketing messages and streamlined customer service to thrive in a competitive market. Research shows that 81% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases after a positive customer service experience, while 72% respond favorably to marketing messages tailored exclusively to

Supply chain sustainability: Esg path to manufacturing resilience

Recent years have brought new challenges that require manufacturers to rethink their priorities, with supply chain sustainability unquestionably topping the list. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks not only entice companies with the promise of sustainable value, but also demand companies to comply with related laws and regulations. By embracing sustainability, addressing risks, and complying

Supply chain resilience starts with data

Achieving supply chain resilience, especially since disruptions have become an inevitable part of business operations, is an overarching priority for any manufacturing organization today. Reaching this goal, however, is not straightforward, and is full of risks. To prevent these risks, manufacturers need to gather and analyze the right data, so that the organization can base