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A member of Angular development team

Stepan Suvorov

VP of Engineering

Studytube logo
Project Studytube E-learning platform
Location Condensatorweg 54 1014 AX Amsterdam Netherlands
Website https://www.studytube.nl/
Team size 8 JavaScript developers, 1 Ruby on Rails developer

This case study reveals how a Dutch e-learning platform has benefited from working with offshore JavaScript developers from Ukraine.

The Story of Cooperation with Grid Dynamics

The team we built with Grid Dynamics is made up of reliable JavaScript developers who produce high-quality code. The remote model is definitely working out well for us. When I joined Studytube as a senior JavaScript developer, my mission was to build an Angular team to further develop our platform. Finding experienced JavaScript engineers was hard, and finding Angular developers was even harder. I decided to build our JavaScript development team in Ukraine with Grid Dynamics because I’d worked there before and knew how everything worked from the inside.

“Grid Dynamics takes care of everything related to maintaining our team’s office. And overall, the company has been very responsive to our needs, and our Ukrainian team is simply great.”

Why Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics takes care of everything related to maintaining our team’s office, including setting up workstations and taking care of payroll and taxes. Our HR/Client Manager at Grid Dynamics gives us a lot of support every time we need to find new developers for our team. Overall, the company has been very responsive to our needs, and our Ukrainian team is simply great.


  • Jira, Confluence, Slack, Google Hangouts, WorkFlowy.


  • if you’re working with a relatively new or rare technology, and people with relevant experience are hard to find, hire good developers who’ve worked in a similar field regardless of their skill sets, and give them a few months to learn the tech you need
  • Hire remote developers only if they’re genuinely interested in your project and don’t need anyone to pressure them into working
  • Arrange business trips to your company’s headquarters for your offshore team to map out long-term goals side-by-side. This will also give your internal and external teams the chance to bond
  • Use the plank pose during daily stand-ups to help your team members stick to the point

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