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A dedicated developer for SoLocal

Merijn Horck


Brand's logo
Project SoLocal Startup
Location 1e van der Helststraat 76 1072 NZ Amsterdam
Website https://www.solocal.com/
Team size 1 Developer

Find out why the founder of a Dutch fashion startup enjoys working with a Ukrainian dedicated developer.

Why Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a reliable company, and we’ve never regretted partnering with them. We chose remote developers to cut our costs and to hire the right people fast. Ukraine has a big pool of skilled developers with good command of English. With Grid Dynamics, we were able to access highly skilled developers easily and without efforts. The one hour difference with Ukraine is negligible in comparison to the 4–5 hour difference with India.

“Ukraine has a big pool of skilled developers with good command of English. And Grid Dynamics is a reliable company, we’ve never regretted partnering with them.”

Thanks to nearshoring, we pay three times less for our developer than we would in Holland. With Grid Dynamics, we hired our developer within 2 weeks, while in the Netherland, it would take us much longer to find the right developer, and it would cost more.

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