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Integrate best-of-breed customer support capabilities


Seamless CX via automated matching of customer profile to support tickets


Empower support agents with specialized help desk tools

Unlock the full potential of composable commerce

Traditional monolithic suites have burdened organizations with rigid, feature-laden software ecosystems for far too long. Enter composable commerce, a paradigm shift that empowers you to build a tailored digital commerce ecosystem using hand-picked Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs). This approach allows for rapid adaptation to market changes, optimizing operations, and delivering personalized customer experiences.

However, one of the critical gaps in the composable commerce landscape is the absence of a customer support solution that can seamlessly integrate with composable commerce PBCs.

To address this need, we’ve created a native Composable Commerce Help Desk Starter Kit that powers FreshDesk with commerce customer support capabilities via extensible components pre-integrated with commercetools, and embraces MACH architecture principles, offering flexibility to integrate with various modular components, unify customer interactions, streamline support processes, and provide personalized experiences.

Composable commerce help desk features


Customize support functions to your needs

The composable commerce help desk isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a dynamic starter kit tailored precisely to your business. With the ability to integrate new functionalities, CCHD effortlessly aligns with your unique requirements and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit.


Accelerate productivity with an intuitive UI

Leverage the sleek, user-friendly interface for efficient support operations, and adapt to changes with ease. The starter kit effortlessly integrates into your existing ecosystem, promising a seamless and visually pleasing experience.


Effortlessly integrate support functionalities

The starter kit’s strength lies in its API-first foundation, creating a sturdy base for effortless integration of customer support functionalities into your composable commerce environment.


Leverage commercetools capabilities

Leveraging the commercetools platform to establish compatibility with various systems and components, the starter kit ensures effortless connectivity with search engines, order management systems, or other PBCs.


Empower support agents with specialized tools

Empower support agents with specialized FreshDesk applications and widgets. These tools are thoughtfully crafted to handle commerce-specific support scenarios, enabling agents to efficiently manage tasks such as order processing, inventory inquiries, product details, and pricing, as well as order cancellation and order refunds, facilitating seamless and efficient customer issue resolution.


Seamlessly integrate business-specific backends

While providing standard implementations, our starter kit’s extensibility and flexible architecture empower you to incorporate business-specific processes and bespoke service platforms. For support features beyond the scope of commercetools, the starter kit seamlessly integrates client-specific backends through ‘stubs’.

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Composable commerce help desk use cases

Real-time customer support

Order management

Inventory visibility

Omnichannel orchestration

Business workflow automation

FreshDesk self-service options


How the Composable Commerce Help Desk Starter Kit works

The Composable Commerce Help Desk Starter Kit seamlessly integrates customer support capabilities into your composable commerce environment. It integrates out-of-the-box with commercetools, complemented by specialized Freshdesk apps. The custom-integrated app (widget) enhances the existing functionality of Freshdesk to address commerce-specific use cases, and the UI component is built using the Crayons library (Freshworks UI kit), ensuring a natural fit within the Freshdesk customer support environment. Furthermore, the API-first architecture allows for the addition of new apps and the integration of unique business workflows into the help desk, making it a versatile solution that adapts to your evolving needs.

By aggregating customer data from various backend systems like CRM and order management, the starter kit creates unified customer profiles within Freshdesk. Agents benefit from the intuitive UI and practical tools that enable efficient order processing, inventory checks, and access to product information and customer context to swiftly resolve support requests across multiple channels.

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