Finance and insurance

We are an innovation partner of the leading banks, fintech, and insurance companies. We help our clients create omni-channel digital experience platforms, data processing and machine learning solutions, and knowledge management systems. 

What we do for finance and insurance companies

Digital experience platforms

We have decades of experience in building digital omni-channel platforms for many industries, and we help our finance and insurance clients benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and best practices in this area.

Portfolio management solutions

We help our financial and advisory clients achieve outstanding results using advanced algorithms for stock screening, portfolio balancing, and tax optimization

Customer intelligence

Customer analytics and risk scoring are the cornerstone capabilities for many financial and insurance companies. We help our clients build advanced lead scoring and risk scoring models using the latest advancements in deep learning and decision sciences.

Our finance and insurance clients


Knowledge management systems

Process automation in financial, banking, and insurance companies requires the consolidation of a wide range of data sources, application of advanced natural language processing (NLP) methods, and implementation of powerful interfaces for business users. We leverage our extensive expertise in NLP, data science, and data engineering to create the most advanced knowledge management tools and systems for our clients.

Data platforms and MLOps

Data and ML platforms have become increasingly important for fintech and insurance companies with wider adoption of robotic process automation and data-driven decision-making. We help financial and insurance companies create scalable data processing pipelines, data lakes, model deployment pipelines, and data quality solutions that accelerate the AI transformation. 

Cloud migration

We help financial and insurance companies accelerate their data engineering, analytics, data science, and application development processes using the best public cloud services and solutions. Our multi-year partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as smaller vendors, help us execute cloud migration programs efficiently.

Digital Banking Assistant

We help banks and credit unions create digital banking assistants to enhance their customer experience, improve customer service while reducing cost and increasing customer retention. Our digital banking solution is built using cutting-edge AI/ML technology and enables quick and easy implementation of personalized, self-learning systems.

We provide flexible engagement options to design and build digital transformation solutions for your enterprise. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or POC.


We offer free half-day workshops with our top experts to discuss your challenges, potential areas of improvement, and industry best practices.

Proof of concept

If you have already identified a specific use case that needs to be solved, we usually can start with a 4-8 weeks proof-of-concept project to deliver tangible results and business value.


If you are in the stage of requirements analysis and strategy development, we can start with a 2-3 weeks discovery phase to identify right use cases, design your solution using industry best practices, and build an implementation roadmap.