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Intelligent document processing solutions

Question about product functionality with comprehensive answer from generative AI bot based on summarization of product specs document

Analyze documents more efficiently

Efficiently assess input documents through interactive questioning and receive insightful summaries. This functionality accelerates the analysis of product specifications, RFPs, contracts, and various internal and external documents.


Validate your documents

Mitigate human error and build document validation workflows that evaluate the consistency, completeness, or compliance of a given document in the context of other documents that describe your company, policy, process, product, or service.

Question about data privacy features of an RFP response document, with answer about missed points from generative AI chatbot
RFP form questions with automatically generated answers based on company information

Complete complex forms automatically

Create automated workflows that populate forms using company, product, and process details. For instance, leverage generative AI to autonomously generate RFP responses.


Ensure response validity

The starter kit supplies diagnostic information and data sources that aid in the examination, validation, and enhancement of AI-generated document segments. 

Question with answer including sources that the answer was informed by
Conversational AI showing question and AI-generated response with further requests to refine answer

Refine responses with Conversational AI

Enhance and refine the AI-generated document segments by incorporating supplementary instructions and directives. For instance, you have the option to request further elaboration on particular subjects, requirements, or capabilities.

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Intelligent document processing software
Custom workflows

Create custom workflows using building blocks like question answering, form completion, response refinement, and more.

Pluggable LLM providers

Easily switch between LLM providers including OpenAI, Google, AWS, and more.

Scalable knowledge base

Scale to accommodate an extensive array of internal and external documents, which serve as a knowledge base for executing diverse processing tasks. 

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