Media, hi-tech and telecom

We are an innovation partner for 4 out of 10 largest US technology giants and many smaller media, software, and video game companies. We help our hi-tech clients to process extreme data volumes, implement machine learning platforms, and improve operations using AI technologies.

What we do for media and technology companies


Data engineering at scale

We design and implement data platforms for world’s largest technology companies that serve billions of customers and processes tens of billions of events every day. They trust our expertise in building scalable, performant, and fault-tolerant data lakes, data processing pipelines, and data quality control solutions.


In-stream analytics

We have unparalleled expertise in real-time analytics and in-stream data processing. Our portfolio includes solutions that process of billions of events every day and provide real-time dashboard with hundreds of complex analytical reports.

customer experience

Personalization solutions

We develop targeting, personalization, recommendation, and churn prevention models for the largest media, telecom, and entertainment companies. Our solutions use the latest achievements in deep learning and reinforcement learning to understand customer behavior and optimize customer experience.

Our Media, Hi-Tech & Telecom clients

back office

Fraud protection solutions

We develop state-of-the-art fraud protection models for media and video game companies using the latest data science methods. Our partnership with Microsoft also allows to leverage global transaction and device graphs to protect payment and signup operations.


Revenue management

We help our media, technology, and video game clients to improve marketing and pricing operations using data-driven methods. Our models and analytics tools help to optimally allocate marketing budgets across channels, optimize marketing campaigns, prices, and promotions.


ML platforms and MLOps

We help our media and technology clients develop advanced ML platforms using open source components and cloud services. These platforms provide scalable model training and serving capabilities, highly automated production pipelines, and rich data science tool kits.

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